Ami670 Ami670 22 hours ago

So you may have noticed I deleted a lot of my OCs

Hi there! As the title says, I've deleted a few of my OCs that had been on the wiki for many, many years and had been enjoyed by a lot. I have a lot of fond memories with them, but I realized I couldn't keep working on them in the state that they were in. I probably shouldn't have deleted them, but that would mean there would be so much to rework. I think it would be better to have made new characters entirely, and start anew.

They'll never really be gone, they'll just be retired OC's that won't have pages.

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Icephines Icephines 1 July 2020

Delete all my uploaded pictures

Can all my pictures that i've uploaded be deleted? I don't wish for them to be on the internet anymore. I'm not ashamed of contributing to this fandom, it's just my old drawings i'm ashamed of, not being in this fandom. Thanks!

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Emmanu888 Emmanu888 10 September 2019

Are there still people around here?

I haven't been here in such a long time that i don't know if this fanon wiki is still active or if it died when RBTI came out since it kinda seem like RBTI buried the fandom and isn't that active anymore.

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MarionTechUSA MarionTechUSA 1 December 2018

How to make better rhyming on the RBTI parodied Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures songs

Any idea on how to rhyme better on every RBTI parodied song from Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures?

  • Where in the World are Ralph and Vanellope?
  • Wake Up
  • We're Friends
  • Free and Easy
  • Sometimes You Make a Friend
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FantasyMan505 FantasyMan505 15 May 2018

Sofia Moussebeau

​​​​​​Sofia Moussebeau is a Sugar rush racer and a fanon character. She is the Cousin of Snowanna Rainbeau and the Sister of Sunny Moussebeau.

Her theme is Strawberry Mousse and Sweethearts. Her Kart is the Strawmotor.
She is born in the city of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, in England.
Date of Birth: March 23, 2018

Permanent Age: 12

Occupation: Racer

Siblings: Snowanna, Sunny.

Likes: Make-Up, Travel, Romantic films, Books.

Dislikes: Bullies, Horror Films.

Snowanna Rainbeau
Sunny Moussebeau
Swedishina Carigumi

Her Style:
Sofia is a very young girl with black, orange and white afro hair. She wears a white dress with a smiling heart and her catchphrase "I am a Sweet Girl" written on it.
She wears pink short trousers and orange boots with an heart…

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Patosgolooooo Patosgolooooo 27 November 2017

Ralph Breaks internet

Wreck-It Ralph 2 is an upcoming 3D Disney animated feature released in 2016. It is the sequel to the 2012 animated film, Wreck-It Ralph.

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Main Characters
    • 2.2 Bad-Annon Support Group
    • 2.3 Other Characters
      • 2.3.1 Disney
      • 2.3.2 Pixar
      • 2.3.3 Square Enix
      • 2.3.4 Marvel
      • 2.3.5 LucasArts
      • 2.3.6 Toei
      • 2.3.7 Nintendo
      • 2.3.8 Sega
      • 2.3.9 Atari
      • 2.3.10 Sanrio
      • 2.3.11 Warner Bros.
      • 2.3.12 DC Comics
      • 2.3.13 Capcom
      • 2.3.14 Taito
      • 2.3.15 Bluth Group
      • 2.3.16 Midway
      • 2.3.17 Namco
      • 2.3.18 Gottlieb
      • 2.3.19 Konami
      • 2.3.20 Data East
      • 2.3.21 ArcWorks System
      • 2.3.22 SNK
      • 2.3.23 Blizzard North
      • 2.3.24 Mojang
      • 2.3.25 Playstation
      • 2.3.26 Naughty Dog
      • 2.3.27 Harmonic Vision (Music Ace)
      • 2.3.28 Club Penguin EPF
      • 2.3.29 Miscellaneous
  • 3 Voice Cast

The arcade is having a grand re-opening after Mr. Litwak bought some new equipment that lets you …

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Adorable Butterscotch Adorable Butterscotch 28 June 2017

(not important) who's alive woohoo

title says it all.

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Eric4e Eric4e 17 August 2016

Zockarluschu pages revealed!

Yesterday, after feeling that we needed to improve Zöckarluschu content, we created the Zöckarluschu community by creating these pages that has to do with Vanellope von Schweetz, thus starting itself to make Zöckarluschu-related pages to improve the popularity and storytelling of a new generation of Sugar Rush. New pages plans tomorrow is usefully Vanilliam von Schweetz.

You can read these pages at Fanfiction and Wreck-It Ralph Fanon wikis.

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Astrofan1 Astrofan1 7 July 2016

WIR 2 confirmed

The article:

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 30 June 2016

Wreck-it Ralph 2 Confirmed

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Eric4e Eric4e 22 May 2016

Zöckarluschu announcement!

Well, well, looks going on my favorite movie. Wreck-It Ralph has grown so badly that was consumed as one of the most unpopular animated films that Walt Disney Animation Studios ever produced during Disney Revival, but still marked one of best films with an IMDb rating of 7,8/10. People no-one cares about Wreck-It Ralph so much, and it's going to be dead soon. Don't worry, Wreck-It Ralph 2 is coming (But being direct-to-DVD in most countries)! But then when released in United States, it would be one of the unpopular sequels ever made. Wreck-It Ralph merchandise were at limited time only in 2012 and 2013, almost no books are translated in more than many languages, haven't got a short movie and Disney video games and media will ONLY include W…

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 25 January 2016


i'm going to be honest....

it seems that the revival failed...

there's activity in the page... but once a week by 2 or 3 users and the edits are always to the same article (i'm not saying is bad)

users haven't appeared in weeks (holly, sugarrushfan, eve, myhuuse, aly, emmanu, including myself)

i'm out of ideas to create some stuff - i've been really busy, i don't even have time for internet.

(i don't know if you guys too)

i don't know what's going to happen now, but this wiki is already dead.... (as i said before, i'm going to be honest)

I apologize if you guys don't like what i'm saying, but this is my point of view of the current situation of the wiki.


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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 31 December 2015

happy new year

the logo has been changed to celebrate

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Paultot09 Paultot09 26 December 2015



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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 November 2015


for those who havent noticed yet, the logo has been changed to pay tribute to the victims of the paris terrorist attacks that took place yesterday night. theres not much else that can be said, my heart goes out to all of you in france. please stay safe

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 6 November 2015

pages for canon things

do we seriously need them? this is something ive thought about many many times before & also before the revival of the wiki and theres really not that many reasons to keep them. sure its easier to link to them instead of linking to pages on the canon wiki, but most of them lack quality in so many ways or are just c+pd from the canon wiki and provide close to no information on the matters they depict so whats the point? i want to have other peoples opinions on this before going through with this and deleting most pages for canon stuff. also ive created a template to make it easier to link to the canon wiki-- template:canon. so what do you guys think

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 3 November 2015

note to all admins and other people

hey so im basically just making this blog as a way to make sure everyone sees this but yeah i created some new templates which should hopefully help sort out some things; you can now add [[template:rewrite|]]) the time a user is blocked for can vary, and its up to the admins to choose what time a user should be banned for (usually their first block isnt that long tho their second and third blocks should probably be longer and incase they just continue doing whatever theyre doing then maybe consider an infinite block)

well thats it for now

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 1 November 2015


i suggest we wipe the dust away from this place because honestly theres plenty of nice things here and i miss talking to some people so why not

i for a fact know richard, aly, holly and cubey are still around kind of (if not we can contact them somewhere like da) not really sure where most of the other people have gone but theyll hopefully read this blog and help rebrand this place all over again

i think we should probably list some of the articles the most in need of deletion and block some people who have been causing harm and after that just start creating things again. i for a fact know ive gotten better at things so this should be fun; theres also plenty of projects i had here which im interested in reviving so why not

so what are your o…

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Ami670 Ami670 19 October 2015

I'm still here

And a lot has happened now, huh? Aha

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

Ask Melty!

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Ami670 Ami670 12 June 2015

I'm agender

So I pretty much have no gender. I'm happy to have it clear. 

Figured I'd let you guys know.

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

The Wiki's Kinda Dead...

Title says it all... People have no time for OCs or they simply moved to another site (Tumblr, etc..) So this wiki is super-dead and most of the admins and chat moderators aren't online most of the time either. My question (ONLY if admins and chat mods are usually offline): Who will keep track and look after the wiki if it is dead? What if someone spams images and all of that?

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Eagle flame369 Eagle flame369 11 May 2015

Is dis da end, homies?

Is this really the end? It's really sad that this wiki is just so... dead. I don't think I will "see" any of my friends here ever again now... activity's dropped to 0.9% now, I don't think we will pull through. I'm glad to have joined while everyone was still on... like is said, I don't think I will "see" you guys now... goodbye...

Things never end...

There is always a way...

Old habits die hard...

When we find the second film...

We will meet again...

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 23 April 2015


but since i came back to school:

  • my ideas for drawings or OCs dissapeared
  • i don't have time for them
  • personally, i'm not feeling good

last time i said i decided to discontinue my activity in this wiki, but i came back like 1 or 2 weeks later. this time i'm definitely leaving the page. I've been busy studying, homeworks, workshop things, etc

I hope you guys understand that this is my last year in school and i can't fail it.

as i said last time: I'm very happy to have been part of WIR Fanon Wiki, creating/sharing Fanon Characters, watching fanon stuff from other users, meeting new friends...... i'll try to talk with you guys in chat (if i have free time)

Thank you guys..... see ya

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

Say Happy Birthday To Sweena Mallon!

Hiya Guys! Do you know what today is? (April 15.) It's Sweena Mallon's birthday! Okay, That's all I wanna tell you. I know the wiki's kind of dead, And other users are busy with school. That's okay. We will celebrate it later on a Saturday or Sunday. XD

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

Ask Melty von Schweetz 2


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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

Melty von Schweetz Userbox!

I was trying to make a Melty von Schweetz userbox, and it was a success. Now all WIR Fanon Wiki Users can use one! If you don't know how to insert it, See the source on my profile by editing it and copy it. Then, paste it into your profile and there you have it! If you want to make your own userbox or if you need help with them, ask one of the amazing admins on this wiki ;).

This user loves Melty von Schweetz and is always imaginative like her.
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Paultot09 Paultot09 8 April 2015


Hi guys, I'm back, sorry for being inactive for a year. I am open to any suggestions. You can help me suggest in making another OC. Thanks pals. :)

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

An Announcment to Make...

For now on, I won't be on chat anymore guys, or talking to anybody as if I was chatting with them. I will be editing my pages and making updates soon though, so I won't really be active anymore. The only wiki I will be on chat and being active on is the Disney wiki.

Thankyou! --Sunny! (talk) 20:34, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 29 March 2015

Disney Havoc Roster

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 28 March 2015

Disney Havoc

So, I have decided to take a break from all of my other things and focus work on a single thing. This is a relatively new game idea I came up on the spot; it is a crossover fighting game with Disney characters. Similar to Super Smash Bros. and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, though with a more Tekken, Street Fighter based gameplay. I have barely started working on it, and so far the only characters I am sure that will make it through to the final roster are Mickey, Elsa, Ralph and Vanellope (obviously). I'll update this blog with more news, maybe. Until then, see ya.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you guys can also suggest fighters in the comments. The roster will probably have around 50 characters, so I'll only be using some of Disney's…

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 15 March 2015

The Rise & Downfall of WIR Fanon Wiki

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 11 June 2015

Winter Bratzy Awards 2015! (Late)

Hello everybody,Holly here! I would like to introduce you to my brand new project called the Bratzy Awards.Now,before you ask these are not the proper Wiki awards,these awards are like subawards!

Now,considering it is not properly Spring yet,I am doing the winter Bratzy Awards now!

I will make one of these type of blog posts every season! I will select a handful of categories from the proper awards! 

  • 1 Best Newcoming Fanon Character 2014-2015!
    • 1.1 1st
  • 2 Best Villain!
    • 2.1 1st
  • 3 Best Fanon Character Relationship!
    • 3.1 1st

3rd: Melty von Schweetz!

2nd: Chocolottie Cookington!

Lemoliver Raspblue has won the Bratzy Award for a successful outcome on this Wiki! Ollie has he own game and has been featured in many different roleplays and I am thankful this fanon chara…

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 14 March 2015

I'm not dead

Reasons of my very low activity:

  • I haven't been doing any work here due the school.
  • My Creativity level is now 0%, I rly don't know what to do, probably i'll take requests only or make all my stuff for DA


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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 1 March 2015

house works are almost finished

I got my internet back, but, i'll be free for requests next weekend

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 22 February 2015





So, i'll be inactive for 2 weeks, (If we do some good progress in my house, only one week)

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 21 February 2015

This is the end...

My vacations are about to end...    =,(

Is time to go back to school....


Wednesday 25, I start school

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RICHARD8bit RICHARD8bit 20 February 2015

a short (easy) quiz about my OCs



  • Don't watch the OCs pages to get the answers
  • post your score (in %) in the comments
  • Note me if you see something weird
  • Don't worry, the quiz is easy

1- Sunnycandy99 = 80% (?)

2- Sugarrushfan2 = 80%

3- Unknown (who's him/her ?) = 60%

4- Lord16bit = 40%

5- Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD = 30%

6- Len = 20%

7- Peppermint Princess = 10%

8- Eagle Flame = 10%

9- Aly = 0%

'%' (?) = Suspicious score

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 18 February 2015

Say hello to Twisterina

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 11 June 2015

Which Confectionery Queen are you?

Hello all,Holly here! I hope you are all having a great Ash Wednesday and I hope you enjoyed your pancakes yesterday! :D

Now for those of you who have heard of my fanon series Confectionery Queenz,I thought I would make this little quiz for you...

Let's see which Confectionery Queenz character you are most like!

  • 1 Out of the following,which one explains you the best?
  • 2 What is your favorite colour?
  • 3 Favorite holiday?
  • 4 Favourite takeaway chain?
  • 5 Favourite soda?
  • 6 Which one are you?

  • I stand up for what I believe in.
  • I am bossy.
  • I am smart.
  • I am hyper and cheerful!

  • Rainbow! - I can't just pick one!
  • Purple - It represents a lonely violet blowing in the breeze...
  • Green - It is the colour of nature!
  • Pink - It's so bubbly,bright and cheerful!

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Ye…

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 11 June 2015

Happy Pancake Day 2015!

                     Happy Pancake Day 2015!                     


Hello,everybody! Today is Pancake Day and I hope you are all having a great one! I was going to draw everybody a picture of one of their fanon characters in a pancake day themed costume but my laptop broke and I haven't had time to do everybody something.So,I picked out one fanon character from everybody and did a small raffle and picked out one so I only managed to do one fanon character due to time.

And that fanon character was...

  • Milkgem Muttonfudge! (who belongs to Peppermint Princess)

I gave her a masquerade sort of look!

So,what are all of you doing for Pancake Day 2015? And most of all,what are you having with your pancakes? …

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Vanilla Fan Vanilla Fan 24 June 2015

My Birthday!

My birthday is in two days! Yay!

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 11 June 2015

Wreck It Ralph Fanon Wiki Quiz Results!

Hello,Holly here with the results of the Wreck It Ralph Fanon Wiki Quiz! Let's see how you have all done! :D

  • Please note that some answers will not be accurate due to the "Most Popular Page" being changed since the quiz was made!
  • Also please note if any of these answers are wrong,apologizes,but I'll try and remain as accurate as possible.Thank you!

  • Who is the first ever Vanellope recolour to be displayed on this Wiki?  Twister von Schweetz
  • Which canon character has the second most highest amount of recolours on this Wiki?                         Taffyta Muttonfudge
  • Which fanon character won second best in the Wreck It Ralph Fanon Wiki: 2013 Awards?    Fizzabella Bubblebang
  • Who won best villain in the 2013 awards? Gloster
  • Which two villains came dr…

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 11 June 2015

Wreck It Ralph Fanon Wiki Quiz!

Hello all,Holly here,happy Valentines Day! It's been quite a while since this Wiki was made and we have seen many friends come and go from this amazing place! But come on,how well do you actually know this Wiki? This is a small quiz for fun,if you're bored,to show your knowledge of this Wiki!

Good luck! :)

  • Who is the first ever Vanellope recolour to be displayed on this Wiki?
  • Which canon character has the second most highest amount of recolours on this Wiki?
  • Which fanon character won second best in the Wreck It Ralph Fanon Wiki: 2013 Awards?
  • Who won best villain in the 2013 awards?
  • Which two villains came drawn with 3 votes in the 2013 awards?
  • How many votes did Strawbetty Muttonfudge win with in the Best Bully Nominations in the 2013 awards?
  • What …

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015

Ask Twister!


click here for more information about Twister.
roleplaying account for Twister can be found here.

Welcome! You can now ask questions to everybody's favorite Vanellope recolor, Best Character award-winning OC, Twister von Schweetz!

Twister will answer all of your questions, except if questions are closed or if your question is mean-spririted or offensive (which could also lead into a warning or block). Be sure to read the Rules below before submitting a question for Twister to answer!


No foul language allowed. No mean-spirited or offensive questions allowed. You may only ask 3 question per day. Don't ask questions if questions are closed. Twister will not answer them! Don't use this page as a way to make other people f…

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015

Bubbleboard is back in full force

Heyo, Peppermint here. So, as you may know, I'm making a surprise marathon today since it's Valetine's Day, and this is yet another surprise. As you may already have noticed by the title of the blog, I'm bringing Bubbleboard back! After a one year hiatus, Bubbleboard is back in full force!

You can check out this week's Top 10 right here. Stars Match, Adoptions, News and all of Bubbleboard's other sub-projects will be coming soon, too!

That's all. Thanks for reading!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015

Bubbleboard Top 10: February 14, 2015

Heyo, everybody! Peppermint here. Welcome! This is Bubbleboard Top 10, Week 14th February!


  • : Position has increased relative to last week.
  • : Position has dropped relative to last week.
  • : Position has stayed relative to last week.
  • : New.
  • : Hot shot debut.
  • : Re-entry.

This Week's Top 10

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015


...will be a day full of surprises coming from me. That's all I can say!... Expect some major surprises coming later today. You've already got a teaser for a new thing, who knows what may come next?

Also, check out my February updates for some more info on all my current stuff. That's all, really. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for all the surprises coming today to WIR Fanon Wiki!

Lots of love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015


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Peppermint Princess Peppermint Princess 14 February 2015

Eve's Updates (February 2015)

Heyy, Peppermint here. Please excuse me for the lack of originality in the title of the blog. I know it's a complete rip-off of Holly's Updates, which you should totally check out, by the way!

So, I thought I'd give you all some big updates on all my stuff. I haven't been active that much lately, probably because I've been drawn to some other wikis like some other users here, but I guess I'm ready to come back to this wiki now and continue creating some fanon stuff like I used to before. I'll be continuing some old projects, as well as announcing some new ones.

Let's start!

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