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Flossity Sugarpuff is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. Her central theme is cotton candy. Her signature kart is the Cottonival.

Official Bio

”Princess Perfect”

Flossity Sugarpuff acts like the posh and pretty of her friends. Always poofing her pink hair and rearranging her cone, she's one to cares about her looks.


Flossity Sugarpuff is a young girl with dark skin, blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a pink cotton candy ponytail with a cone on the side. She wears a pink racing jacket, a skirt with a light-blue lining, and pink sneakers. Her t-shirt and tights have pink and blue stripes. When racing, she wears a cotton candy ice cream helmet with a light-pink visor.


  • Her fans are anthropomorphic cotton candy bulk candy.
  • Her original first name was going to be Cottontina.
  • She is the only racer who wears sneakers.
  • She shares her stats with Snowanna Rainbeau (from the online adaptation).


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