Game-Warped is a fanfiction, created by Esquilo30, it was launched by the end of 2013, it has 30 chapters.



  • Rank
  • Betsy
  • Melody Von Schweetz
  • Melissa Gummy-Goober


  • Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • Tiramello Misue
  • Makoto
  • Yun
  • Ibuki
  • Don
  • Natsu Ayuhara
  • Hinata Wakaba
  • Jon Talbain
  • Maki
  • Guy
  • Jak
  • Daxter
  • Prinny
  • Pesto
  • Fang The Sniper
  • SpongeBob Squarepants
  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Toph Beifong 
  • Suki
  • Appa
  • Momo
  • Agent S
  • Solera Calippona
  • Digestiva Biscuiteata
  • Samson "Pops" Popsinclair
  • Jack Ó Brigadeiro
  • Gelatina La Woppleton
  • Butterscott Mellbutter
  • Toffeella Mellbutter
  • Carrie Mellbutter
  • Hare
  • Baku
  • Tiger
  • Zuum
  • Klonoa
  • Guntz
  • Legretta The Quick
  • Arietta The Wild


  • Gloyd Orangeboar
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge
  • Swizzle  Malarkey
  • Crumbelina Dicaramello
  • Rancis Fluggerbutter
  • Adorabeezle Winterpop
  • Minty Zaki
  • Jubileena Bing-Bing
  • Sticky Wipplesnit
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Sergeant Calhoun
  • Lolo
  • Popka
  • Huepow
  • Datonare
  • Ryulon
  • Helm Hound
  • Lesione


  • Dark Blank
  • Kenny D. Peppermint
  • Floss Cottine
  • Frankie The Sour Ball
  • Frankie's henchmen
  • Spike The Chain-Chomp


Prologue: A flashback of an unusual fate.

The screen was all dark when suddenly it shows a 10 years old boy inside a prison cell, then someone starts to narrate.

???: I bet you want to know who is that boy, right? Well that's me Rank McCormick.

Rank: Why a ten years old boy like me is doing in a prison cell? Well it's a long story, it all started three days ago.

The scene then turns into a flashback, and shows the Litwak's Arcade at night and it was raining. Litwak gets out of the arcade and lock the door with the keys and goes off. However as soon as he left, Rank showed up and goes to the back of the arcade, he notices a window with a perfect size for him. As he climbed up the boxes, he manages to reach the window, at first he struggle to enter but finally made it inside the Arcade's boy's bathroom.

Rank: Phew! I made it! Now time to play Sugar Rush, my favorite game.

He said as he gets out of the bathroom.

He walked around the arcade with an amused expression at all the video games, until he finally saw Sugar Rush.

Rank: Sweet! It's Sugar Time! 

He said with enthusiasm, however just when he was about to put a coin inside the game's console, outside the arcade a lightning hits the game's plug, which result of him get shocked with the game.

Rank: AAAAAAH!!!!

He screamed while being shocked, in a flash he vanishes.

Chapter 1: An Unusual Guest.

It starts with everything dark, when suddenly a voice could be heard.

???: Hey, are you ok? Hey wake up!

The dark screen turned out to be Rank's point of view, as he slowed open his eyes he saw a little girl which he found her very familiar.

???: You're awake, thanks goodness!

Rank: Ow, my head!

He said as he gets up. He stares at her and becomes surprised.

Rank: Melody!?

Melody: How'd you know my name?

She asks after hearing that. Rank looks around and sees he is in Sugar Rush.

Rank: I'm in Sugar Rush? Is this real? Are you real?

He said as he starts to poke her.

Melody: Stop that!

Rank: Oh sorry.

He said as he stops poking her. However he starts pondering.

Rank: Hmmm maybe this is all a dream, yeah a dream! Maybe if I pinch myself, I might wake up. OW!!!

He screamed after pinching himself, but when he open his eyes he sees that he's still in Sugar Rush, while Melody was staring at him.

Rank: So it's not a dream....

He said while making a sad expression.

Melody: Wait a sweet minute, what are you talking about and who are you?

Rank: Oh yeah, I'm Rank McCormick, I'm a real life boy, it's a long story.

Sometime Later.

Melody: What!? You are a real life boy!? Just when you were about to play my game, you got hit by a lightning with the game's console and you got teleported in here, somehow?

She said while shocked to hear his flashback.

Rank: Yes and I don't know how to get back to the real world....

He said as he was doing a sad expression. Feeling sorry for him, Melody tries to cheer him up.

Melody: Come on, don't be sad, maybe my sis know how to return you to the real world.

Rank: Really? She would do that for me?

He said as he begins to smile.

Melody: Of course, my sis is the president of Sugar Rush, she might know a way to return you. Come on let's go!

She said as she begins to run ahead, which Rank starts to run after her.

Chapter 2: A Tour in the Castle and meeting the president.

Rank and Melody were running along until they finally reach Vanellope's castle.

Rank: Wow, it's so beautiful!

He said as he stared at the castle.

Melody: Follow me, Rank those who don't know the castle can easily get lost.

She said as they entered inside the castle. Melody showed everything in the castle, the dining room, many bedrooms, a bathroom and pleny of things, until then they finally came to the throne room. As they entered Sour Bill appears.

Sour Bill: All hail... The rightful ruler of Sugar Rush... President Vanellope....

He said in a very gloomy manner as he bowed.

Vanellope: Hello, Melody and who's this boy with you?

Melody: That's Rank McCormick, he's a real life boy, sis.

She said as she introduces him.

Vanellope: Real life boy? What do you mean?

Rank: Well, I know it's very ubelievable, but it all started....

He begins telling his story about how he ended up in the video game world, after he finished.

Vanellope: Hmm, let me see this straight, so you are a real life boy who was about to play my game when suddenly you got hit by a lightning and got somehow teleported in here?

Rank: Yes, that's what happened and Melody told me that you know something to return me to the real world, so please, can you help me?

He said while being polite to her.

Vanellope: Well as president of Sugar Rush, I here by decree to....

She said while Rank was waiting her answer with anticipation.

Vanellope: Not help you.

Rank: WHAT!?

He said in shock after hearing Vanellope's decision.

Vanellope: Nah! I'm just kidding, of course I'll help you to find a way to return home.

Rank: Oh, thanks Ms. Vanellope.

He said as he look grateful for her support.

Vanellope: Sour Bill, tell the candy scientists to find a way to send my new friend back to his world.

Sour Bill: As you wish... President....

He said while walking away.

Chapter 3: Fang & Pesto.

Melody: Isn't that great Rank? You're going to return to the real world. It'll only take a while, let me show you Game Central Station.

Rank: Game Central what?

He asked while following her. As they went to GCS, Rank became amused.

Rank: Wow! It's beautiful and look there are so many video game characters!

He said as he stares at all the video game characters walking. Until he saw a strange purple animal sleeping by laying back on its tail.

Rank: Who's that ferret?

Melody: That's a friend of mine.

She said as she walk to greet him.

Melody: Hey Fang, wake up!

Fang: Whoa!

He said as he loses his balance and falls on the floor.

Melody: Sorry to wake you up, but there's someone who wants to meet you.

She said to him, while he gets up.

Rank: Wow! A talking ferret.

Fang: I'm not a ferret, I'm a weasel.

He corrected him after being mistaken for a ferret.

Rank: Oh sorry.

Fang: That's ok, the name's Fang The Sniper, but some people call me Nack The Weasel.

He said as he starts to stand on his tail.

Rank: Wait a minute, you said you're name is Fang The Sniper?

He said while Fang nods to him.

Rank: Awesome! I remember you now, you're from the Sonic franchise.

Fang: Well... I used to be.....

Rank: What do you mean?

Melody: It's going to be a long story.

She said after Rank's question.

Fang: Well I used to be a character from Sonic The Hedgehog, I first appeared in a game called Sonic Triple Trouble and then I appeared in Sonic Drift 2, On that time, I became a very popular character, until my last appearance in Sonic The Fighters, I stopped appearing in other Sonic games, Sega then kicked me off forever and I got replaced by a black hedgehog and a white bat girl! Ohhh, I hate them, they stole my fame!

He said while showing signs of jealousy.

Rank: That's terrible.

Melody: You can say that again.

She said in agreement.

Fang: So Melody who's your friend?

Melody: That's Rank McCormick, he's from the real world.

Fang: Huh?

He said while making a confused expression.

Melody: Well it's a long story...

Sometime later.


He said in surprise.

Melody: I know it's hard to believe.

Rank: But it's true.

???: What is true?

Everybody: Huh?

They said as they heard a voice.

???: Down here!

It said as they all looked down and saw a purple and blue pigeon.

Melody & Fang: Pesto!

They said in surprise to see him.

Rank: Who are you?

Pesto: I'm Pesto from Animaniacs The Video Game, I'm a pigeon and a member of the GoodFeathers.

He introduces himself to Rank.

Rank: GoodFeathers? What's that?

He asked him.

Melody: The GoodFeathers are a gang of birds who try to get through life.

She answers his question.

Pesto: Not only that, GoodFeathers are tough birds who have to protect their territory against trespassers such as our enemies the sparrows and bullies.

He said to Rank.

Pesto: Let me explain the rest.

Then he starts to sing

Pesto: ♫When the birds hit the street Looking for food to eat, That's GoodFeathers! When I'm cooing at you And you're cooing at me, That's GoodFeathers! Take no guff 'Cause they're tough Strut their stuff No cream puff, That's GoodFeathers!♪

He finishes singing.

Rank: Wow, so that's how GoodFeathers do in their daily lives?

Pesto: You got it kid. Tell me what's your name?

Rank: I'm Rank McCormick, I'm a real life boy.

Pesto: Coo? Real life boy?

Rank: Well, it all started....

Sometime later.

Pesto: Coo! So you were teleported in here?

Rank: Yes and I'm waiting for Vanellope's scientists to find a way to send me to the real world.

Pesto: When they will confirm?

Rank: I dunno....

Fang: They haven't give any news yet, Pesto, guh-doy! I always wanted to say that.

He said to the audience.

Pesto: "Guh-Doy"!? Whaddya mean by guh-doy? Are you trying to say that I'm an idiot? That I have a brain on the size of a peanut? I'm some kind of knuckle head here to annoy you? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING?!?!?!?!?

He asked Fang angrily while Rank and Melody exchange glances at the situation.

Fang: No, I'm not saying that, I just said Guh-doy that's all.

Pesto: THAT'S IT!!!!!

He said as he leapt at Fang and starts beating him up.

Pesto: I'll give you a "Guh-Doy" upside the head! I'll make gravy outta your teeth, ya big sac of garbanzo beans! Take that!


He said while being beaten up by the pigeon.

Chapter 4: Agent S

Rank and Melody were staring at Pesto beating up Fang, until Rank break up the fight.

Rank: All right enough already!

Pesto: Rank, I'm sorry, but Fang was busting my beak.

He said while apologizing to the boy.

Fang: Owwww....

He said while lying on the ground in pain. Sometime later when Fang recovered they decided to rush back to Sugar Rush to see the president's news.

Melody: Any results, sis?

Vanellope: Uh-uh! The scientists are having an argument...

She said as the scene changes to two scientists (A lollipop and a bonbon) slapping each other faces.

Rank: It can't be....

Fang: I think we need a hero.

He said to the audience, when suddenly they heard a voice.

???: Did someone say.... Hero?

They all look everywhere when suddenly a squirrel with a blue helmet with a red number two on it appeared. And the starts to say a motto.

???: I'm a squirrel who fights for love and justice! I'm Agent S and I'm gonna fight in the name of the acorn!

It said while striking a pose and tried to do Chun-li's victory pose by doing the fast kick but lose its balance and fall on the floor.

Agent S: Ow! Ow! My butt! I need to train Chun-li's victory pose, sidekick!

Rank: A squirrel boy?

Agent S: WHAT!? I'm a girl, can't you see? Why does everybody mistakes me for a boy, sidekick!?

She said while glaring at Rank angrily.

Rank: Uh sorry! I didn't know.

Agent S: Apologize accepted, sidekick.

She said while smiling at him

Rank: I'm Rank McCormick.

Agent S: Rank, huh? I'm Agent S, nice to meet you, sidekick.

Rank: Sidekick?

Melody: It's her catchphrase, she's from  a game called: Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

She whispers to him.

Agent S: Since we've met, I want to be, like, friends with you, sidekick.

Rank: Sure.

Agent S: YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much, sidekick!

She said while excitedly clapping to him, which made Rank to become amused to see how peppy the squirrel is.

Vanellope: We'd better send him back to GCS, because the arcade is about to open.

Rank: Really?

Agent S: Come on Rank! I'll take you there, sidekick!

Rank: Whoa!

He said while being pulled by the peppy squirrel.

Melody: See you after the arcade is close.

Vanellope: Just don't enter in other games during arcade hours!

They shout to Rank while he's being pulled by Agent S.

Chapter 5: A virus that came in a black ink

Litwak's Arcade is now opened, all the players went to play in the arcade. It went all well the players played Fix-It Felix Jr. Sugar Rush and in Hero's Duty, a painter player with his hands full of black ink went to play the game. Meanwhile Rank was in Game Central Station waiting for the arcade to close.

Rank: *Sigh*

Fang: So want some company?

Rank: Fang? Why are you not in your game?

He asked in surprise to see him in GCS.

Fang: Well, since they unplugged my game, and I became a scrapped character, I'm now gameless and live here.

Rank: Oh yeah, but why you didn't lived still in your game? Even when it was being unplugged?

He asks the weasel.

Fang: Are you crazy!? We can't live inside an unplugged game, because if a game is unplugged with characters inside it, they'll perish!

Rank: Oh my!

He said in shock while putting his hands on his cheeks.

Later after the arcade closed, The Hero's Duty's console got its pistol full of black ink from the painter player and a drop of black ink went sliding on the pistol's wire until it reach a plugg and enter inside it. In there the black ink was in the tunnel that leads towards GCS, but when it touch the floor that is full of electricity, it got shocked and the black ink starts to changing its shape and an evil laugh could be heard. Back with Fang and Rank, they were having a friendly conversation until Melody came in.

Melody: Hi Rank, Fang.

Rank: Hey, Melody!

Fang: Hello, Melody.

Melody: Sis allowed you to sleep in one of the rooms from the castle.

Rank: Gee, thanks.

He said while smiling.

Melody: Are you coming with us Fang?

Fang: Nah! You two go have your time, I'm gonna go to Tapper's. Bye!

He said as he walks off. So Rank and Melody went inside Sugar Rush. Meanwhile in a dark and sinister alley, it reveals that the black ink turned into a black virus with glaring red eyes, claws, a horn and with a large cape that cover its legs!

???: I'm alive! Meh heheheh! I'm no longer a black ink, I'm now a virus, the only trouble is that I don't have a name. Let's see, Shadow Blot? No that one is already taken. Spat? Already taken too. Joker? Also taken. Hmmmm.... I know! This world will fall on the claws of Dark Blank!!!

He said while laughing and then turn into circle shaped shadow on the floor and quickly runs off. Meanwhile in Sugar Rush.

Rank: Wow! I kinda liked this place.

Melody: I know right? But beware, there are some-

Rank: Whoa!

He said as he was falling on the ground.

Melody: Rank! Are you ok?

She said while helping him to get up.

Rank: I think so.

He said when suddenly they heard a voice.

???: Mwahahahaha! Who's your new boyfriend? Melody? Some piece of *Beep*?

Melody: Kenny!?

Rank: Who?

Melody: That's Kenny D. Peppermint, he's a character of my game, but he's a bully and a bounty hunter at the same time, unlike most bullies in here, he's very greedy, self-serving and foul-mouthed.

Kenny: Thanks for the introduction and for the compliments!

He said while teasingly bows to them.

Melody: He's not my boyfriend, just a friend.

Kenny: Boyfriend, friend, who cares? Just as long as I get the money and I can bully someone.

He said while pulling out a candy cane club. However Dark Blank came in Sugar Rush and was spying on the three.

Dark Blank: Hmmmm, that boy is greedy, huh? He'll be good use for my plans of world domination. Hahahahah.

Chapter 6: An Unlikely Alliance

The scene is skipped with Rank and Melody running away from Kenny who was chasing them with a candy cane club, they jumped on some gummies on a taffy lake, entered in a tunnel.

Kenny: Give up twerps! You can't escape from me so easily.

He said while chasing them, as for our heroes, they are running as fast as they could. Until someone jumps in Kenny's way.

Kenny: What the *Beep*!?

???: Hold it!

He said while Kenny stops running and almost falls on the ground.

Kenny: Butterscott!

Butterscott: Stop bullying Melody and her new friend.

Kenny: Make me, you *beep*!

He said as he proceeds to hit him with his candy cane club, but he dodges grabs Kenny by the shirt and throws him.

Kenny: AAAAH!!!! CURSE YOU *Beep*!!!

He shout while being throwed and he ends up falling on a nearby chocolate lake.

Kenny: You're going to pay for this you *Beep beep beep*!

He said while cursing Butterscott with words that can make a sailor go to shame.

Rank: Gee thanks for saving us, mister, uh...

Butterscott: Butterscott Mellbutter.

He said while shaking hands with him.

Melody: Hey there Butterscott.

Butterscott: Hi Melody. What are you two doing?

Melody: I'm giving him a tour in Sugar Rush.

Butterscott: Great! You gonna like like everybody in here.... Well, almost everybody.

He said as they walked away, but as soon as they left, Kenny gets out of the Chocolate lake and starts walking.

Kenny: Grrr! He's so gonna pay! I'll make that *Beep* pay for this humiliation, he's gonna have my revenge!

He said while walking, however he didn't notice that someone else is following him. Until...

Kenny: Hmmm, why do I have the feeling that someone is following me?

He said as he starts to look behind, but sees that nobody is in there, but as soon as he turned around to return to his walking he bumped into someone. 

Kenny: OH!!! Watch it you.... *Gasp*!

He said as he looked in horror, it happens to be Dark Blank, Kenny tried to escape but Dark Blank grabs Kenny and teleported him into a dark room.

Kenny: W-who are y-you?

He asks him nervously.

Dark Blank: I am the scarier! Bigger and powerful black ink virus, Dark Blank!

Kenny: D-Dark B-Blank?

He said while still jittering.

Dark Blank: Yes and I'm planning to conquer the entire arcade and I need some, how can I say.... Followers.

He said while grinning evily showing him, his sharp teeth.

Kenny: And w-why did you bring me here?

Dark Blank: IDIOT!!!! I brought you here to be my first follower for my plans!

Kenny: And if I refuse?

He asked him while still nervous. Dark Blank then shows a stone on his hand and tightens it, ending up breaking the stone in pieces.

Kenny: *Gulp*! Ok, ok! I accept to be your follower, but.... What's in it for me?

Dark Blank: Cash.

He said while opening a bag and shows him all the money, which made Kenny to grin.

Dark Blank: You have to work for me and be my loyal subject, deal?

He said while offering a shake on it.

Kenny: Deal!

They shook hands but unknown for Dark Blank, Kenny cross his fingers behind his back.

Chapter 7: Frankie

After they shook hands, Dark Blank starts to talk.

Dark Blank: Now I need more subordinates.

Kenny: Don't worry master, I know someone who can join us...

He said as the scene skips with Kenny knocking on someone's door, then a small window appears on the door with a pair of eyes.

???: What's the password?

Kenny: Sourball rules.

He said as the mysterious guy closes the window and unlock the door and it happens to be a blue sourball. Kenny enters inside.

Kenny: Take me to your leader.

Red Sourball: Very well, follow me.

He said as they started walking, until he brings Kenny to a room. Kenny enters the room and sees a gray sourball wearing sunglasses talking on the phone.

???: Yeah, whatever, oh I'll deal with you later.

He said as he hang up the phone.

Kenny: Hey there, Frankie!

Frankie: Kenny? Is that you?

Kenny: Yeah, that's me.

Frankie: What do you want? 

He said as he starts polishing his gun.

Kenny: A very powerful virus wants you to be his subordinates, and he's offering some cash.

Frankie: Hmmm... Interesting.

Kenny: I decided to join him and I need your help, so could you help me?

Frankie: Ok, but what's in it for me?

Kenny: If we help Dark Blank to conquer the entire arcade I'll give you half of the money for you.

Frankie: No, I prefer 50%.

Kenny: How about 40%?

Frankie: 30%.

Kenny: 20%! That's my final offer.

Frankie: Deal.

He said as they shook hands, but unknown for Frankie, Kenny crosses his fingers behind his back.

Kenny: Great. Dark Blank is count on you and your henchmen, he wants you to spy on the racers and that new boy, he wants to know some secrets.

Frankie: Very well.

He said as Kenny left. As soon as he left Frankie starts a reunion.

Frankie: All right you idiots, we have a dirty job to do, so you'd better obey my orders and do it perfectly or else you're gonna be my pet's chewing toy.

He said as he showed on the screen a Chain-Chomp in a base full of dead sourballs, growling at them.

Frankie: Spike loves chewing toys.

Spike: GRRR!!! OW OW!!!

Frankie's henchmen: *Gulp*!

Frankie: Now charge!

He said as all the sourballs start to run outside of Frankie's house.

Chapter 8: The Mellbutters

Rank, Melody and Butterscott were all walking until they hear a voice.

???: Hey Butterscott!

Butterscott: Oh no...

He said when suddenly a little girl leapt at him with excitement.

Butterscott: Toffeella, get off of me, please.

Toffeella: I'm just want to greet you big brother.

She said while Rank and Melody were exchanging glanses. When suddenly another girl showed up.

???: Hello Melody, who's your friend?

Melody: Oh, this is Rank McCormick.

???: I'm Carrie and this is my little sister Toffeella and I see that you already met our older brother Butterscott. Nice to meet you.

Rank: Nice to meet you too.

Toffeella: So Rank? Are you new here? How old are you? And which game are you from? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite food? And what's-

Butterscott: Please sis stop talking.

He said out of annoyance.

Carrie: Sorry for my sister, she's very talkative.

Rank: I can see why.

Carrie: So what are you doing Melody?

Melody: I'm showing Rank everything in Sugar Rush.

Carrie: I see. Rank which game are you from?

Rank: None.

Mellbutter Triplets: Huh?

They said while being confused.

Rank: It's a long story, it all started...

Sometime later...

Butterscott: So you're telling us that you're a real life boy?

Carrie: And just when you was about to play our game, the game's console and you got hit by a lightning?

Toffeella: And you got somehow teleported in here? Cool!

Carrie: Toffeella!

Melody: My sis and I are trying to help him to return to the real world, the candy scientists are trying to create a machine that can open a vortex between dimensions.

Butterscott: So that's it?

Melody: Yup, that's it. For now, I'm guiding him in Sugar Rush.

Butterscott: In this case we'll go with you.

Carrie: We'd like to help you with your guide.

Melody: Sure you can come with us.

Toffeella: YAAAAAY!!!!

She shouts as she jumps with excitement, which made Rank surprise to see how hyper she is. As soon as they left, unknown to them, Kenny was hiding in some nearby Taffy bushes and had heard everything.

Kenny: Wait until Dark Blank hears this. 

He said while cackling as the screen turns pitch black.

Chapter 9: The Beginning of an Adventure

The next morning, Rank was seen sleeping on a bed when suddenly a candy alarm clock goes off, which woke him up. He yawns and get up and start brushing his teeth with a toothbrush and a toothpaste that Melody brought to him. After he was done he went to the dining room and meet someone.

???: Bom dia.

Rank: Huh?

???: Oh sorry, I said Good Morning in portuguese from Brazil.

Rank: Who are you?

???: I'm Jack Ó Brigadeiro. Nice to conhece-lo.

He said while speaking in portuguese at the same time.

Rank: Nice to meet you too Jack.

The two went walking and have a good breakfast, but what Rank didn't expect is that the breakfast is all candy, which surprises him. Rank decides to eat anyway until he and Jack heard voice.

???: Hi Jack.

They all turn around and saw a jelly themed girl.

Jack: H-hi Gelatina.

He said while stuttering and blushing at the same time. Rank noticed that Jack has some attraction to her.

Rank: Hi, I'm Rank McCormick, nice to meet you.

Gelatina: I'm Gelatina La Woppleton, nice to meet you too.

Jack: What are you doing in here Gelatina?

He asks while blushing.

Gelatina: President Vanellope invited, she has an important announcement to do and it is about him.

She said while pointing at Rank.

Rank: Me?

Jack: Really? Me too.

Rank: What kind of announcement?

Gelatina: The announcement is going to start at 9:00 AM.

Sometime later... All the Sugar Rush citizens and some racers, even Fang, Pesto and Agent S have been invited. They were there waiting for the announcement.

Sour Bill: Citizens... Of Sugar Rush.... All hail the rightful ruler of Suga Rush.... President Vanellope....

Vanellope: Hello my people.

She said while everybody is greeting and cheering for her.

Vanellope: Today I have an important announcement to do, you all know our friend Rank McCormick, he's not a video game character. He's an ordinary human.

Which made the Sugar Rush citizens and some racers to start discussing by themselves.

Vanellope: I promised to return him home and the scientists finally found a way to return him to the real world. I present you the Multi Dimension Portal.

She said while remove the machine's blanket.

Rank: You mean that I will return to my world with this?

Vanellope: No, you will only return to a dimension full of terrible and vicious Monsters.

She said which made Rank shocked.

Vanellope: Nah! I'm just kidding. Of course you're going to return to your real world.

Rank: Phew! Please Vanellope don't scare me like that.

???: Interesting machine!

Vanellope and Rank: Huh?

They said at the same time when suddenly an explosion happens which made the Sugar Rush Citizens and some racers to run in panic, leaving the place. A black ink shows on the floor and emerges and turns out to be Dark Blank with an army of Evil Sour Balls.

Vanellope: Who are you? And what's the meaning of this?

Dark Blank: I'm the powerful virus made of black ink. Dark Blank! 

Vanellope: A virus!

Dark Blank: I originally wanted to conquer the entire Video game world, but after I found out about a real world boy and spied on your announcement, I decided to not only take over the video game world, but the real world too!

Rank: How'd you know that?

Dark Blank: Let's say that a little bird told me or should I say a little boy!

He said while summoning Kenny.

Vanellope: Kenny! You dirty rat!

Kenny: Sorry president, business is business and I do anything for money.

He said while grinning. Dark Blank than grabs the machine, and proceeds to escape. Fang uses his popgun and shots some cork at Dark Blank's hand, but the corks had no effect on him. Rank tried to stop by going to tackle him, but Dark Blank easily deflect and throws him against the wall and in a flash, Dark Blank and his army disappear along with Kenny.

Rank: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The machine was my only hope to return home. Now I'll never going to return to the real world....

He said while kneeling on the floor all sad.

Melody: Come on Rank don't be sad, we're gonna help you to recover.

Rank: Really?

Melody: Yes,.

Fang: I'm gonna help you too, you need a sniper for this.

Pesto: Me too, you need some muscles.

Agent S: I'm gonna help too, because I love adventures, they're totally awesome, sidekick.

Rank: Thanks guys!

He said while cheering up. When the scientists appeared and one of them said.

Lollipop scientist: Take this with you, it's a anti-virus vaccine program. It's the only way to defeat Dark Blank.

Rank grabs the anti-virus vaccine program which is a cross between some marshmallows on a stick and a medical needle.

Rank: All right guys, let's go!

Rank said as he, Melody, Agent S, Fang and Pesto run to Game Central Station.

Chapter 10: Groups

Meanwhile in Sugar Rush, Vanellope was organizing a group.

Vanellope: Ok, we're going to split up into groups, each of you go to a different game and see if there is sign of Dark Blank, come back here after you have finished your investigation. Pops, Solera, Digestiva and Melissa, you go to Rival Schools: United by Fate.

Digestiva: Ok, President.

Solera: Sure.

Melissa: We're on it.

Pops: *Nods*

They said as they walk off.

Vanellope: Gloyd, Rancis, Swizzle and Crumbelina, you go to Tales of the Abyss.

Swizzle: Leave it to us.

He said as he along with the group left.

Vanellope: Minty, Tiramello, Adorabeezle and Sticky, you go to Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

Tiramello: Ok, Vanellope.

She said as she and the rest were leaving.

Vanellope: Gelatina, Jack, Butterscott, Carrie and Toffeella, you go to Monster Rancher 4.

Butterscott: Easy peasy, President, just leave to us.

He said as they leave.

Vanellope: While you Taffyta and me are going to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Taffyta: Wait, why do I have to go too? 

Vanellope: Because if Dark Blank conquer the entire Arcade, there won't be any game left for anyone to play and all the games will be unplugged forever.

Taffyta: Ok, fine I'm going with you.

She said as the two leave Sugar Rush. Meanwhile with Digestiva group, they were walking along and just when they were about to leave Sugar Rush, someone gets in their way.

???: Hi, did you miss me?

Digestiva: Floss!

Solera: *Shivers*

Pops: ....

Melissa: Not you again.

She said while not happy to see her.

Floss: Where do you think you're going?

Digestiva: This is none of your business Floss, we have no time for you.

She said as they start to walk but Floss blocks their way again.

Floss: Not so fast! First I'm going to have a little fun with all of you.

She said while grinning at them. then she starts to bully them by pushing Solera on a chocolate mud, grabbing Melissa's hat to make her chasing after her, Digestiva decided to stand up to her.

Digestiva: Stop that Floss, you already had fun, now leave us alone.

Floss: Or else what?

She asked as she grabbed one of Pops's books and rips it, however, this made Pops frustrated, which prompt him to remove his helmet and shows Floss his (Only the back of his head is showed) horrifying face.

Floss: AAAAAH!!!!

She screamed after seen his face, Pops starts to aproach her.

Floss: Stay back! Don't come near me! EEEK!!! NOOO!!!!

She said as she ran away.

Chapter 11: Rival Schools: United by Fate

Pops wears his helmet back after scarying away Floss and does the come on arms sign.

Digestiva: Right! Next stop Rival Schools: United by Fate.

Melissa: I'm right behind you guys.

Solera: Wait for me.

She said as she ran after them, they go to Game Central Station and entered inside a gate with a sign that says: Rival Schools: United by Fate. As they entered they see the game is completely different.

Solera: T-this place is kinda c-creepy...

Digestiva: Strange.... As far as I remember Rival Schools was supposed to be a fighting game and not a horror game.

Melissa: It must be Dark Blank's doing. Wow he did it so fast.

She said as they walk along the scenario, when suddenly they see a big pond of sludge.

Melissa: This pond wasn't here before.

Pops starts to wonder, when suddenly, the pond rise up and took shape and it turned out to be a sludge virus created by Dark Blank.


Melissa: What the...

Solera: Eeek!

She screams as she hides behind Digestiva.

Digestiva: RUN!!!

They all starts running while the virus go after them. Stomping and let a trail of sludge anywhere it pass. Until they got into a dead end. Pops was ready to remove his helmet when suddenly a school girl showed up jumping and starts to do a three spin kicks.

???: Enbukyaku!!

Sludge Virus: GROOOAAAAH!!!!

It roars in pain while getting itself on fire. The Sludge virus tries to crush the school girl by using its fists, but the school girl easily dodges it and unleashes a short-range energy burst from her palm.

???: Kikou Shoutei!!

Sludge Virus: GRROOOOOoooooo....

It roars weakly until....


The Sludge virus explodes. The school girl than celebrates with a victory dance.

Melissa: Hey, Thanks for saving us.

Digestiva: Yeah, you defeated that virus.

Solera: I wish I could fight like that.

???: No problem, I couldn't turn my back on someone in trouble.

Melissa: I'm Melissa, Melissa Gummy-Goober.

Digestiva: I'm Digestiva Biscuiteata.

Solera: I'm Solera Calippona and this is Pops. It's nice to meet you.

She said while pops give the school girl a thumbs up.

???: I'm Hinata Wakaba, nice to meet you too. So where are you from?

Melissa: We're from Sugar Rush and we're searching for a virus named Dark Blank.

Digestiva: What happened to this game?

Hinata: Well, it all started....

She said as a flashback begins.

Hinata: Natsu and I were just walking and having a friendly talk, it was very peaceful, when suddenly a group of monsters and colorful ball things invaded Rival Schools, We tried to fight back, but they were so many and they caught all of the characters from this game, they reached my game's main source and turned Rival Schools into a scary place in order to suit them, Natsu and I were running when suddenly we fall into a pitfall that seperated us, but I promised to meet her later and so I kept searching for her while fighting these monsters that you call virus and later on it was then that I met you.

Melissa: Hmmm, colorful balls? It must be Dark Blank's army of Sourballs.

Digestiva: And it seems he is sending his henchmen to conquer every game from this arcade.

Hinata: Maybe you're right.... I hope Natsu is okay...

She said while making a worried expression, seeing how upset Hinata was, Pops then tries to cheer her up by doing the offering to help sign.

Hinata: Really? You would do that for me?

She said as Pops nods to her.

Digestiva: It seems Pops want to help you as a thanks for saving her.

Solera: Pops has a code of honor.

Melissa: Ok, it's settled then, let's help Hinata to find her friend!

She said as everybody (Except Pops who is mute) say Yeah!

Hinata: Thanks guys! You're the best!

She said while excitedly shake hands with Pops which made him to rub his helmet in embarassment.

Chapter 12: Natsu Ayuhara

Melissa, Digestiva, Solera, Pops and their newfound friend Hinata, were walking along the game in search of Natsu who is programmed to be Hinata's childhood friend.

Hinata: Hey Melissa, why Pops doesn't say something? And why he's always wearing a helmet?

Melissa: Well, due to two errors during his creation he became mute and has a very horrifying face, that's why he always wears his helmet.

Hinata: Oh, I see.

She said while they were walking until they reach a high school.

Hinata: This is the place where the virus found the main source that changed the game. Justice High School.

Digestiva: Well, let's go in.

Solera: Wait for me Digestiva!

Melissa: Be careful girls, it might be dangerous.

Hinata: Don't worry, you have me to protect you.

She said while Pops does the resignation arms sign as they enter Justice High School, however...

???: Slurp!

Digestiva: Who said that?

Solera: I-I'm scared!

She said while hiding behind Digestiva. when suddenly an army of Slime virus pop out from the floor and surround them.

Slime Virus: Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

Hinata: Slimes!

Melissa: Possibly Slime virus.

Hinata: Stand back! I'm gonna fight them.

She said as she begins to unleash a short-range energy burst from her palm.

Hinata: Kikou Shoutei!

Slime Virus: SLURP!!!

It screams in pain while being hit by the energy burst and explode into pieces. Hinata does the same thing to the other Slime virus who also explode into pieces.

Hinata: Yay! I did it!

She celebrates by doing her signature victory dance.

Melissa: Wow! You should teach me how to do that move.

Solera: She's quite of a fighter, don't you think Digestiva?

Digestiva: She sure is.

Pops nods to them, however the victory didn't last long when the Slime Virus's pieces turn into several small Slime Virus, much to their shock!

Solera: Oh no!

She says as she hides behind Digestiva's back. Pops was ready to remove his helmet, however they hear someone shouting.

???: Jikkon Serve!

And a volleyball went at a downwards angle, then bounces off the ground in exactly the same angle and hit one of the Slime Virus. Then appears a girl with short-length dark blue hair with long fringes and black eyes. Wearing a red long sleeve collar shirt with white spiral design on her shirt with a Gorin emblem on her left chest, dark red belt and red short shorts and wearing a white wristbands on both of her hands, a matching red and white kneepads, red socks and white sneakers as her collar is red and white.

Hinata: N-Natsu?!

Natsu: Hinata! Good to see you my friend.

Hinata: The same to you.

Natsu: You introduce your friends later, first we have to get rid of these Slimes.

Hinata: Right! Let's go!

They begin to fight the small Slime Virus.

Natsu tosses a volleyball high into the air.

Natsu: Makyuu Tenjou Serve!

Which then splits into three and lands a few steps ahead of her. Hitting the Slime Virus.

Slime Virus: SLURP!!!

Hinata then used a powered version of Enbukyaku. Which she does five, ascending forward spin kicks

Hinata: Rasen Enbukyaku!

Slime Virus: SLURP!!!

It shouts while being hit and this move set the virus ablaze. Sometime later. After the Slime Virus were completely destroyed, they start to talk.

Hinata: It's good to have you back Natsu.

Natsu: The same to you.

She said as both were huffing.

Melissa: Hi, I'm Melissa Gummy-Goober.

Digestiva: I'm Digestiva Biscuiteata.

Solera: My name is Solera Calippona and this is Pops.

She said as he waves at Natsu.

Melissa: Glad to meet you.

Natsu: Hi, I'm Natsu Ayuhara. Glad to meet you too.

Pops became amused to see that Natsu acts more like a man than a girl.

Hinata: So how did you find us?

Natsu: My sixth sense told me that you were going to come here and it was right. But more importantly, we need to go to the main source of this virus spread and make this game to return to be beautiful. 

Melissa: And where is the main source?

Natsu: It is on the school's roof top, it guarded by a giant that appears to be a cross of a dragon and a cobra.

She said as the screen shows the school's roof top with a hole that is sending a beam in the air which is what keeping the game Rival Schools with a creepy appearance and shows a cross of a dragon and a cobra which turns out to be a virus.

Melissa: All right that settles, let's go to get rid of that monster.

Every body (Except Pops who is mute) shouts yeah, as they begin to run and going on the stair ladders.

Chapter 13: Dragobra

They go up the stair ladders until they reach the school's roof and there they see a glowing sphere on the floor.

Digestiva: That must be the main source of the virus.

Solera: Could be.

Melissa: It definitely is!

Hinata: So what we're waiting for? Let's destroy this thing and restore the game back to normal.

Natsu: Got it! Let's go!

They start to walk towards the main source, when suddenly a red energy sphere hit on the ground and they barely dodge it.

Digestiva: What the...!?

They all look in the sky and they saw a giant red and black virus that appears to be a cross of a dragon and a cobra.

Hinata: Oh we forgot about him!

Solera: EEEK!!! 

She screams while hiding behind Digestiva.

Melissa: This doesn't look good.

Natsu: It's Dragobra!

Digestiva: Dragobra?

Natsu: Yeah, I mean he is half dragon and half cobra, so I decided to name him.

Digestiva: Now I get it.


He screeches while flying through the sky and lands on school's roof.


Hinata: It won't let to destroy the Virus Sphere so easily.

Natsu: Looks like we have to fight!

Dragobra: GYAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

He screeches as the fight begins, Dragobra shoots a red energy ball from his mouth. Natsu grabs Pops and Melissa, while Hinata grabs Digestiva and Solera and dodge the energy ball.

Hinata: Hisshou Rengekken!

She says while rushing forward, delivers a fast barrage of punches, and ends with a jumping twirl roughly resembling Ken's Shoryuken. But it have no effect against the giant virus. Dragobra then slaps her by using his tail send her against the roof's entrance's wall and she falls on the ground uncouncious.

Natsu: This virus is tough....

Melissa: How are we going to defeat that thing?

When suddenly Dragobra coils Solera with his tail and starts to streghning his grip on her.

Solera: AAAAH!!!! HELP ME!!!

Digestiva & Melissa: Solera!


When suddenly a rock hits his left eye and he looks on the left and he sees Pops standing there.


He screeches to intimidate him. But Pops removes his helmet, exposing his terrifying face which only the back of his head can be see by the viewers.

Dragobra: GYAAA!

He screeches in horror which made him to let Solera go.

Solera: AAAAAAH!!!

She screams while falling, however Hinata jumps and manages to catch her on time, thus saving her life.

Hinata: You're safe.

Solera: Thanks Hinata.

She let her go when she was with Digestiva and Melissa, Pops wears his helmet back and returns to his group.

Natsu: Makyuu Tenjou Serve!

She says while tossing a volleyball high into the air, which then splits into three and lands a few steps ahead of her, hitting Dragobra.

Dragobra: Gyaaaah!

He screeches in pain. Then it starts to spit poison at her, which she dodges and spew fire at Natsu, she once again dodges and just when he was about to shot a red energy ball, Hinata jumps in the way.

Hinata: Kikou Shoutei!

She shouts and shots an energy ball in his mouth.

Dragobra: GYAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOoooooooooo.....ooooo..... GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

He screeches until he explodes. Digestiva, Solera, Melissa and Pops celebrate that Dragobra was finally destroyed for good, Natsu then jumps in the air.

Natsu: Jikkon Serve!

She shouts while throwing a volleyball at a downwards angle at the Virus Sphere, totally destroying it, suddenly the game resets and was restored to its normal and beautiful appearance.

Hinata: Yay! It's over!

She says while doing her signature victory dance.

Solera: Thanks for saving me Pops.

She says while hugging him which made him to rub the back of his helmet in embarassment, which made everyone to fall in a giggle.

Chapter 14: Monster Rancher 4

The scene starts with Jack, Gelatina, Butterscott, Carrie and Toffeella entering a gate with a sign that says "Monster Rancher 4", when they entered the game, they see that the game was very different from the original, as it's scenery looked creepy.

Jack: *Gulp* This place gives me the creeps...

Butterscott: Come on, don't be afraid, I think it is like this because of Dark Blank.

He said while encouraging him.

Jack: You're right Butterscott, at least Gelatina is leading us.

He said while looking at Gelatina in an affectionate way, until he got interrupted.

Toffeella: Jack? Why your face is red?

Jack: What? Uh.... It's nothing.

He said in order to hide from Toffeella.

Carrie: If my theory is correct we're in Togle, the first stage of this game.

Gelatina: If you say so.

However while they were walking they someone from nearby bushes passed running which made some noises.

Jack: Yikes! What was that?!

Carrie: Better be careful guys, we're not alone...

She said while staying alert of her surroundings, when suddenly a pack of wolf-like monsters with curved horns appeared and starts barking and growling at them.

Jack: Wolves!

Gelatina: They look like wolves but they're monsters from this game. one is green and has a reptile appearance and the other has a shell and the last one has only a single pink horn and its fur covers its eyes.

Carrie: I've never seen these kind of monsters before.

Toffeella: What should we do?

Butterscott: We should fight them off!

Jack: B-but there are too many!

Gelatina: Jack is right, we'd better run.

She agrees with Jack, then they all run while the entire pack of wolf-like monsters ran after them while shooting lightning from their horns at them. Jack barely dodges the lightning.

Jack: YIKES!!! That was dangerous!

He said after barely dodging, they continue to run until they reach a shrine and entered the door, while they were closing the door the wolf with reptile features tried to enter and was barking until Butterscott hits the monster's snout and finally locking the door.

Jack: Whew! Who were those wolves?

Butterscott: I don't know, but we're safe from them.

Toffeella: Guys check it out. I found two round stone that is in the shape of a disc and a encylopedia.

Carrie: Let me see the Encyclopedia.

She starts to read and sees Hmmm I see those wolves who attacked us were called Datonare, Ryulon and Helm Hound. And those stones in the shape of discs are called Saucer Stone, they're used to regenerate a monster from inside. Each Saucer Stone has a different Monster.

She says while reading the encyclopedia. They starts to walk along until they reach the top of the shrine where there were a floating big stone in the shape of a disc and two statues's head.

Gelatina: What is this place?

Carrie: Hmmm.... According to the encyclopedia, this is the shrine where you can regenerate Saucer Stones. Once they're regenerated, you can start to raise a monster just like a pet, the monster help you out such as protecting you from being attacked by Stray Monsters.

Jack: So those Wolf-like monsters were stray monsters... I'd better have my own monster. How do I regenerate it?

Carrie: First. Put the Saucer Stone in the statue's mouth and pull the lever and we'll see what happens.

She says while reading the book. Jack does everything he heard from her when he pulled the lever, an eclipse happened and a strange lock on circle got out of the statue's mouth and stay on the floating stone platform and a beam from the eclipse hits the platform. And the two statues starts to shoot lightning from their eyes and hit the center of the lock on which splitted in two and turn into a ball of light which an flash happens. Just then, a huge cream colored monster which appears to be a cross of a hippo and a dog with a sleepy expression was regenerated from the Saucer Stone.

Jack: Whoa! What a big monster!

Carrie: According to this book, this monster is called Baku. They are known for great physical strength and size. Offensively, they rely on directly damaging physical attacks, such as body slams and bites. Bakus also have the ability to heal themselves by simply taking a nap.

Jack, Gelatina, Butterscott and Toffeella: Wow!

Baku then aproaches at Jack sniffed him and starts to affectionately licks him.

Jack: Hahahaha! Stop it! That tickles!

Toffeella: My turn! I want to have my own monster too.

She puts the Saucer Stone inside the statue's mouth and pulled the lever then the scene skips and regenerates from the Saucer Stone a brown humanoid rabbit monster with cute expression and large fists.

Toffeella: Awwww! It's so cute!

Carrie: The encyclopedia says this is a monster called Hare. They are friendly and highly intelligent, but are known to be selfish, especially when it comes to food. They specialize in high attack power and speed. Hare's attack styles revolve around boxing, kicking.

She says while reading the encyclopedia.

Chapter 15: Prinny and the return of Kenny

Hare notices Toffeella and aproaches her, Butterscott thought that it was going to attack her and prepares to figth it, but much to his surprise, Hare was enjoying being petted by her.

Gelatina: Now that was unexpected...

Jack: With these monsters on our side, we may be able to protect ourselves against those wolf-like monsters and Dark Blank's viruses.

Toffeella: I'm so happy that I think I'm gonna....

Butterscott: Oh no, don't tell me she's going to sing...

He said out of annoyance.

Toffeella: ♫Today I woke up, thinking like this, what life does for this, I have only to thank.

I have so much time to dream and this mood to sing, make me happy without redeem!

Thank you very much sun for waking me up and come on that I have much time to stay,

with my friends and to study, with my friends and to stay.

Good Morning sun, Good Morning! Good Morning let's have fun in this morning! 

Good Morning dove, Good Morning! Good Morning love that I want in this morning!

Good Morning sun, Good Morning! Good Morning let's have fun in this morning!

Good Morning dove, Good Morning! Good Morning love that I want in this morning!

Good Morning....♪

She sings while walking and hugging Hare and happily giving hands to her siblings. Gelatina and Jack liked the song.

Butterscott: Now that the Toffeella's "Good Morning" is over, we have to go searching for the main source that's causing this game to look creepy.

He said while annoyed by his sister's antic, they get out and go in search of the main source, just then, they here someone shouting....

???: HEEELP ME, DOOD!!!!

They all look and see a wearing pouch little penguin with disproportional small bat wings and peg legs for feet, being chased by a green velociraptor-like monster.

Carrie: That's a Zuum. It is a raptor monster that is easily domesticated and are often used in place of horses in the Monster Rancher 4 world and love to play. Its attacks are using its teeth, flames out of mouth, and quick combo moves using the legs, tail, or both.

She said while reading the encyclopedia. Just then the penguin got into a dead exit and the Zuum was about to have a bite out of it while the penguin prepared to meet its doom by closing its eyes. However Hare attacks the Zuum by swinging its fists madly in circles.

Carrie: That was Spin Bang!

Toffeella: Yay! Go for it Hare!

Zuum runs towards Hare and try to bite it, but Hare dodges, took a deep breath and let it out a loud shout which not only the Zuum but also stunned everybody.

Everybody: Aaaaah!

Jack: What was that?

Carrie: According to the encyclopedia this is Muhha, one of Hare's techniques...

Hare hops towards the Zuum and hip drops it, feeling impaired the Zuum decided to run away. The penguin who was still with his eyes closed didn't realize that its now safe, until Gelatina says.

Gelatina: Hey, you can open your eyes now.

It open its eyes and realizes it was safe and happily thanks them by shaking their hands.

???: Thank you, thank you very much, dood! For a minute I thought I was going to cross the River Styx.... Again, dood.

Carrie: What's your name?

???: Oh, I'm a Prinny, dood! Glad to meet ya, dood!

He said while doing a ballet pirouet spin. Which confused everybody.

Butterscott: That explains why he has bat wings and peg legs...

Jack: Tell us, what are you doing in Monster Rancher 4?

Prinny: It all started, that Master Etna told me to bring some mushrooms who are from Togle Cave which is only found in here, dood. So while I was away I started to complain about Etna's mean and cruel demeanor to me, dood. When suddenly I stamp on that raptor's tail while it was asleep and angrily started to chase me, dood... Until you came and saved me and that's how it happened, dood.

He tells them while showing some flashback scenes with Etna cruely kicking him out of the castle which made him to explode and shows the Prinny with an angry expression and shows the same Zuum sleeping behind a bush, until Prinny accidently stomp on its tail and angrily starts to give chase.

Prinny: I still didn't find any mushrooms, but as long as I'm getting paid, I don't care dood.

Toffeella: This Etna girl is very mean, then how about I pay you the double of whatever she's paying you and would you like to work for us?

Prinny: ..... Thanks for everything Master Etna, but I think it's time to have a new master, dood. So long You flat chested meanie!

He said behind her back which then the scene shows Etna eating a pudding inside the castle and suddenly she sneezes.

Etna: Someone is talking about me, but I don't know who...

Then the scene returns with Jack, Gelatina, Butterscott, Carrie, Toffeella and their newfound friends, Baku, Hare and the Prinny, going inside the cave called Togle Cave that is found nearby a ranch and enter inside. They walked for hours until they reach a base and they hide behind a machine and they saw much to their shock, Kenny D. Peppermint.

Kenny: They were not able to prevent the intruders... Those wolves are useless monsters...

Gelatina: So that's why those wolf-like monsters attacked us.

Kenny: ...*Beep*, those *Beep* monsters! They made an unfortunate incident thought it was a little late! *Beep*! *Beep*! *Beep*!

Carrie: Offensive as usual....

Kenny: ... *Beep*... Oh well. They're losers... When the time comes, it might be fun to hurt them...

Butterscott: Or so he says...

Chapter 16: Turtlog

Jack: ACHOO!!!

Kenny: Huh? What the? Oh the intruders the wolves let in. Keh heh, you all look cocky today, aren't you? And you even got a little penguin, how cute.

Gelatina: Don't... Say it so shamelessly!

Kenny: Sorry, I have a little business to attend to. Be busy for a while and I'll play with you later.

He said while running away and pressing a remote control button which opened a cage which let loose a pack of wolf-like monsters with curved horns, which consists of three Datonares, four Helm Hounds and five Ryulons and in front of them was a blue wolf-like monster with curved horns.

Butterscott: Looks like they're back and the blue one must be their leader.

Carrie: That's a Tiger also known as "The Blue Gale" or "Tiger of the Wind" or "The Blue Aquillo". Being oriented towards speed and special attacks. Besides an array of swift physical attacks, some of their special abilities include shooting electricity from their horns and breathing ice and wind. They are typically depicted living near and around arctic mountains, but they are also kept as pets by many people.

She says while reading the encyclopedia.

Jack: I thought tigers were felines and not canines.

Carrie: Tiger is just this monster's name, so it can't be helped if they named it by mistake.

Tiger: Grrr! Bark, bark!

Prinny: Dood!

He said while hiding behind Carie.

Jack: *Gulp*! I see that all of their eyes are glowing red.

Gelatina: So it must mean that they're being corrupted by Dark Blank.

Toffeella: So its time to use our monsters, Hare, attack!

Hare then aproaches one of the Datonares and uses Spin Bang at it and knocking it out.

Jack: Baku, attack the Ryulons!

Baku then rolls forward and crushes all the Ryulons.

Carrie: According to the encyclopedia, that was Roll-Press.

Jack: Cool!

He said in amusement when suddenly two Datonares run towards Butterscott and Toffeella. But Hare got in the way and uses Muhha at them and then Baku blows them away with an enormous sneeze.

Carrie: According to the encyclopedia, that was Sneeze, one of Baku's techniques.

Jack: What a weird technique, though....

Baku then aproaches one of the Helm Hounds and tongue-lashes it.

Carrie: That was Licking, another one of Baku's techniques, at least according to this encyclopedia...

Jack: An obvious technique with an obvious name...

Three of the remaining Helm Hounds run towards them until Baku inhale them, shakes its head and spit them out.

Carrie: According to the encyclopedia that was Vacuum.

Jack: I can see why it has this name....

Tiger then moves in quickly and attacked Baku.

Carrie: That was Step!

She said while reading the encyclopedia.

Tiger: Grrr!

Jack: I have an idea!

Jack slowly aproaches the angered wolf-like monster and when it was about to bite him, Jack quickly scratches behind its horn which he thought would be like ears and tamed it, much to everybody's surprise, doing this snapped Tiger out of it.

Gelatina: Now it's settled then, we have to find Kenny and put an end to this.

She said and they all ran to the way where Kenny went, until they finally managed to catch up to him.

Kenny: What the *Beep*?! Hmph! I knew I couldn't rely on those *Beep* wolves!

Tiger: Grrrr!

Butterscott: Give up Kenny, you're no match for all of us.

Kenny: Keh heh heh heh, you think so?

He said while grinning and pressed the remote control's button, which made a giant door to open on the ground and rised up a giant creature which looks like a cross of a turtle and a hedgehog.

Kenny: Keh heh heh heh heh! Are you all *Beep* surprised? Meet Dark Blank's latest creation, its the most powerful virus he created, I call it Turtlog! Just to let you know since you won't *Beep* survive, Dark Blank put the main source on its forehead to make sure that you won't reset this game so easily. See ya, *beep*!

He said as he escaped, then our heroes had no choice but to fight against Turtlog. Turtlog starts to shot its quills in the air which starts falling towards them, they all run for dear life and avoiding being hit by its quills.

Butterscott: Whoa! This anphibian is tough!

Jack: Turtles are not anphibians, they're reptiles.

Carrie: Anyway, we need to find a way to defeat it.

Toffeella: But how? None of Hare's attacks works.

Prinny: And I'm the weakest peon, dood....

Gelatina: Hmmm....

Just then Turtlog enters inside its shell and starts to quickly spinning around and went towards them, until Baku charged against it and managed to turn it upside down. Which made Turtlog to have a hard time to get up.

Gelatina: That's it! While Turtlog is lying upside down, we should focus our monsters attacks on its forehead where the main source is located and then we can return this game back to normal.

After finishing, they ran and reach the Turtlog's head. Tiger shoots lightning from its horns while the Prinny pulls out from his pouch a gun and shots a beam.

Prinny: Dood!

He said while shooting, the combo attacks of Tiger and Prinny were strong enough to destroy the main source, which then Turtlog dies and as it starts to slowly vanishing, the game resets and is restored to normal.

Gelatina: You was very brave facing Tiger, Jack.

Jack: Really? Well I did that to save everybody.

He said while blushing which made everybody smile with happiness, while Carrie was the only one who realizes that Jack has a crush on Gelatina.

Chapter 17: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

It starts with Minty, Adorabeezle, Tiramello and Sticky enter inside a gate that says "Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. When they were inside the game, they notice the game was very different.

Minty: Whoa, this place is so creepy....

Tiramello: You can say that again...

Adorabeezle: I think this must be Dark Blank's doing.

Minty: No time to waste then, we have to find what caused this game to turn into a creepy place.

They talked to each other as they were walking. Sometime later they went to another place of the game until they were ambushed by some Goblin-like virus.

Everybody: AAAH!

They screamed as they begin to run, while running Adorabeezle and Minty grabs on a big brench and pulled together and let it go hitting the Goblin-Viruses. They return to run with Sticky and Tiramello until Sticky trips and the Goblin-Viruses manage to catch up with her and were about to kill her when suddenly a blond guy with pointed ears and with an orange animal on his shoulder appears and attacked them with a spin attack and a tackle, making the Goblin-Virus to retreat.

???: Are you ok?

Sticky: Yes, thanks for save my life.

???: Don't thank him, thank me! You can call me Orange Lightning. Zazazing!

The animal said while striking a pose.

Adorabeezle: Hi, I'm Adorabeezle Winterpop.

Minty: I'm Minty Zaki.

Tiramello: The name's Tiramello Misue, nice to meet you.

Sticky: I'm Sticky Wipplesnit.

???: I'm Jak and this is my friend Daxter.

Daxter: But you can also call me the Orange Lightning.

Jak: Dax and I were searching for someone or something that caused my game to become like this. Until we heard screams and I followed your voices and found you being attacked by some kind of monsters.

He explains everything to them.

Tiramello: I have a hunch that those Goblins retreated to a place where our answers are there.

Jak: That's a great idea.

Daxter: I was afraid he would say that....

Adorabeezle: Then let's get going.

They all ran off to the direction where the Goblin-Viruses went. They kept walking and walking until they heard a noise.

Jak: Did you hear something?

Everybody: Yes...

And it popped out of the ground a big groundhog-like virus and went to attack them. Jak dodges and tackles, the Groundhog-Virus blocked, until Jak uses an uppercut, send the virus flying and exploding by the time it hit the ground. Daxter than does a moonwalk as a victory dance and strikes a pose. Which made the girls to become in silent.

Chapter 18: Guy & Maki

After that our heroes kept walking to the direction where the Goblin-Viruses went, until they hear someone saying....

???: Bushin Guraiha!!!

And they heard some noises of hitting something.

Minty: Did you guys hear something?

She asked them when suddenly they heard someone saying....

???: Bushin Izuna Otoshi!!!

Then suddenly a Goblin-Virus is throwed out of some bushes.

Daxter: Yikes! It must be some kind of danger, we should turn back!

He said while shivering in fear.

Jak: No way, Dax. Let's check it out.

He said and then they saw two people, a man and a girl wearing ninja outfits.

Adorabeezle: Who are you?

???: I'm Maki and this is Guy.

Minty: Guy? I can see why he has this name....

Guy: It's not my fault, Capcom made me to have this name.

Jak: Hi, I'm Jak and these are Daxter, Minty, Adorabeezle, Sticky and Tiramello.

However they were soon interrupted by an army of Goblin-Viruses and they had a surprise.

???: Well, look who are here?

Minty: Kenny!

Kenny: That's Mister Kenny D. Peppermint for you, *beep*head!

Adorabeezle: Why are you working for Dark Blank? You leave in our game.

Kenny: Nothing personal toots, but lord Dark Blank promised to give me a big amount of cash.

Guy: He is very greedy for a kid.

Daxter: Not to mention very bratty.

Kenny: Bratty!? Why you *beep*! I'm mad now! You're about to find out why they call me the bounty hunter racer! You *beep*!

Daxter: Sheesh! This kid is very foul-mouthed!

Tiramello: Don't you know its very rude to swear in front of a lady, like us?

Kenny: THIS IS ALL *beep*! Goblin-Viruses, ATTACK!!!!

He shouts which made the Goblin-Viruses army to charge at our heroes. Which then a fight starts. Jak attack the Goblin-Viruses with a spin attack and an uppercut. Guy attack the Goblin-Virus by grab and flip over it, landing on his feet behind it, and then throwing it by the waist over his head and down into the ground. Maki attacks the Goblin-Virus by sliding forward with a string of tonfa strikes, followed by a hopping skyscraper kick. Seeing that his army is being easily defeated, he said.

Kenny: Grrr! Those *beep*holes are defeating my goblin-viruses, only because they have more power and skills! What a pain in the *beep*! A PAIN YOU GOT IT!?!?

He yelled at them. Which Guy says.

Guy: A pain...? Such things are irrelevant to battle. Only victory and defeat matters! Test your might on me!

Kenny: Grrr! No way I'm not a fool to mess with you...

He said while running away ditching the Goblin-Viruses.

Maki: Hey, wait!

Chapter 19: Gogre

Maki was going after him but the Goblin-Viruses block her way. Maki and Guy then use a Combo of their special abilities defeating half of the army, Jak defeat some with his spinning and uppercut skills. After sometime they finally defeat the entire Goblin-Virus army. Minty: I thought it would never end.

Adorabeezle: There's no time to lose, we have to stop Kenny.

Sticky: You're right!

Tiramello: We can't let Kenny get away with this!

Daxter: Let's get him!!!

Our heroes kept walking and walking, looking for Kenny.

Sometime later... They were walking until they heard someone talking, they followed the voice and it happens to be Kenny D. Peppermint talking to someone in a Walkie-Talkie.

Kenny: So, how are things in Tales of the Abyss and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike?

Frankie: Already conquered by Master Dark Blank's viruses, over.

Kenny: Great! Because I'm having some troubles with a bunch of *Beep* rats. They have restored Rival Schools and Monster Rancher 4 back to normal, those *beep*! Don't let those losers to restore the two games left.

Frankie: Don't worry Kenny, I won't let those losers to restore these two games. Frankie over and out.

He said while shutting off the Walkie-Talkie, Kenny shut it off too, until suddenly.

Maki: There you are!

Kenny: What!? You again!? Why don't you *Beep* off!?

Sticky: It's very rude to swear at a lady, didn't you know that?

Kenny: Shut up, you Pipsqueak!

Sticky: P-Pipsqueak!?

Kenny: You may have defeated Dark Blank's Goblin-Virus, but you won't defeat this one! Keh heh heh heh!

He snickers while pressing a remote control which opens a door underground and in there got out a big virus which looks like a cross of a gorilla and an ogre.

Kenny: Meet Gogre, with his powerful club and strenght, you guys are no match! Keh heh heh heh heh!!!

Which everybody stared at him with a disgusted expression.

Kenny: Now Gogre, show them no mercy!

Gogre: *Roaring*

He roars while charge at him, our heroes run for their lives dodging his attacks.

Guy & Maki: Hayagake!!!

They shout while they run forward at full speed, then they do a sidelong wheel kick at Gogre.

Gogre got hit, enraged, it start to spin with his club, which they kept distance from him in order to avoid being hit by his club. After a moment, he becomes dizzy, which prompt Jak to do an uppercut at him. He recovers from dizziness and attempts to punch Jak, which he dodges it by jump and then does a ground pound at Gogre's head. But this only made Gogre angrier and was about to hit Jak with his club, until Guy intervened by breaking his club with a wheel kick, which inside reveals the main source of the game being infected by Dark Blank's virus.

Sticky having a bit of courage went towards the main source. 

Maki: Genko!!!

She shouts while doing a stepping hook punch forward, which knocked down Gogre. Sticky grabs a stone and hits the main source, totally destroying it, a bright explosion happens, which made Gogre and all the viruses who were wandering in Jak and Daxter's game to get deleted and the game returned back to normal.

Jak: Thanks guys, for helping us out.

Minty: It was nothing, but wait! Where's Kenny?

They looked and he was no longer there.

Adorabeezle: He must have escaped while we were busy dealing with Gogre.

Tiramello: But next time we meet him, he won't make a clear get away.

Minty: Agreed.

Sticky: I'm with you.

Guy: Well, Maki and I have to return to Final Fight.

Maki: It was nice to meet all of you.

Sticky: Yup, bye!

However when they looked back, Maki and Guy were already gone.

Daxter: Now that's what I call a ninja mysterious vanish trick.

Chapter 20: Tales of the Abyss

Swizzle, Rancis, Gloyd and Crumbelina entered inside a gate that says "Tales of the Abyss". When they reached inside they see that the game is very different than the original, as it was all dark and creepy.

Rancis: Whoa... This place looks creepy...

Gloyd: Boo!!!

Rancis: AAH!! Gloyd! That's not funny!

Gloyd: Hahahaha! You should have seen your face.

Crumbelina: This is not a good time for goofing off, we need to find Dark Blank.

Swizzle: She's right.

They kept walking and walking, until they heard some rustling noises coming from some bushes.

Rancis: Gloyd, if you're thinking about scaring me, then think again!

Gloyd: But... It's not me this time, I'm standing right here by your side.

Then a group of Axe Beaks get out from the bushes with their eyes glowing red, meaning they have been brainwashed by Dark Blank.

Swizzle: Run!

Crumbelina: Eeeek!

Gloyd: Yikes!

Rancis: Wait for me!

They run while being chased by the Axe Beaks, while running Swizzle pulls a large branch from a nearby tree and let it go hitting two Axe Beaks and he returns to run. When suddenly... A penetrating beam of light hit some of the Axe Beaks, while the others decide to flee.

Swizzle: What was that?

Gloyd: I don't know, but whatever it was, I found it awesome! 

???: Are you all ok?

They saw two people a woman with a long, blond hair that is pulled back into a ragged ponytail, who dresses in the standard black outfit from some kind of organization with a white, metallic mantle around her chest, and a metallic substance on her cloth, resembling a flowing appearance. and a little girl with long, pink hair and carries a doll and wearing a black dress and boots, trimmed in pink. And a small, similarly-styled hat with a symbol.

Rancis: Yeah, we're fine, thanks for saving us from those monsters.

Crumbelina: Hey, I heard about you two, you're Legretta the Quick and Arietta the Wild.

Arietta: Yup, that us.

Legretta: You're very smart for a kid.

Rancis: Hi, I'm Rancis Fluggerbutter.

Swizzle: I'm Swizzle Malarkey, but you can call me Swizz for short.

Crumbelina: I'm Crumbelina DiCaramello. 

Gloyd: And I'm Gloyd Orangeboar.

Swizzle: What happened in here.

Legretta: We're not sure, Arietta and I were just chatting after arcade hours as usual, when suddenly a huge explosion of light hit this entire game and it became like this. Suddenly the monsters from our game starts to attack us and even Arietta's ability of talking to monsters didn't work, it seems like they were brainwashed or something, which means they won't listen to her....

Arietta: Then we heard screams and we followed your voices and we saw the four of you being attacked by a group of Axe Beaks.

Rancis: Axe Beaks? So that's the name of those birds? Make sense.

Crumbelina: No doubt about it, this is Dark Blank's doing.

Gloyd: So? What should we do?

Swizzle: We must find the main cause of this place looking creepy and destroy it in order to restore this game back to normal.

Arietta: Don't worry Swizzle, you have Legretta and me to help you.

Swizzle: Cool, thanks.

They walked off.

Chapter 21: Team Hurricane

Our heroes were walking and exchanging some conversation.

Arietta: So this Dark Blank guy wants to conquer the entire arcade and make a place only for virus and turn us video game characters into his slaves?

Swizzle: Yes, and we can't let this happening.

Legretta: So this is serious.

Suddenly they get ambushed by a pack of Ligers. Legretta prepares herself by arming her fon-tech guns, when suddenly....

  • Bang*! *Bang*! *BANG*!!!

All the Ligers got shot and vanish, then they see a group of video game characters, which Gloyd and Legretta quickly recognize them.

Gloyd: Hey, I know you, you're Klonoa, Huepow, Lolo, Popka and-

Legretta: Guntz The Golden Killer.

Crumbelina: Anyway, thanks for helping us.

Guntz: Help? When? Since there were monsters, I simply shot at them randomly. So you just happen to be there. You're lucky you didn't get hit.

Klonoa: Ssh! Guntz, that's not nice.

Rancis: So you was also aiming at us?!

Guntz: So we meet again... Legretta The Quick....

Legretta: Hmph! You think you're better than me, only because you're well known.

Guntz: I don't think, I am REALLY better than you!

Swizzle: Anyway, why are you doing in Tales of the Abyss?

Guntz: I only want to settle our rivalry once and for all.

Popka: Guntz and Legretta are always competing to see who's the best sniper of Namco.

Lolo: Although, their shots often destroy the entire area...

Arietta: I remember last time, Legretta and Guntz's duel made the entire Cheagle Forest in ruins....

Huepow: It took one day for the forest to reset back to normal, luckily, nobody was playing this game.

Legretta: I'm gonna show that wolf, that I'm the best Namco's sniper. You lost your bike when you fought Klonoa.

Guntz: Well, at least I didn't get killed by my own apprentice.

Legretta: What?! Grrr! You asked for it.

The two begin to duel while Guntz Theme is played in the background, they start to point their guns to each other, but they got interrupted by a pack of Ligers.

Guntz: Hmph! Those weaklings again?!

Legretta: They must have regenerated, since they died in their own game.

Lolo and Huepow enter inside Klonoa's ring, while Guntz, Arietta and Legretta prepare to battle the monsters.

Klonoa: Go Team Hurricane!!!

Chapter 22: Spike The Chain-Chomp

Legretta: Rage Laser!!!

She shouts while shooting a penetrating beam of light from her guns at three Ligers. While Klonoa slash two Ligers with his Wind Sword that was made with the combination of Lolo and Huepow inside his ring. When some of the Ligers surround Guntz, he jumps in the air and shouts.

Guntz: Shinigami Fire!!!

He shoots the Ligers burning them around him. Arietta fight four Ligers, she dodges their bites and claw attacks.

Arietta: Bloody Howling!!!

She shouts while manifesting into a vortex of darkness that lifts the four Ligers within the area of effect into the air. Suddenly the Ligers were surrounding Gloyd, Swizzle, Rancis and Crumbelina, until Klonoa jumps in the way and flies in the air.

Klonoa: Tornado Attack!!!

He shouts while unleashing a massive amount of tornadoes around him, hitting and killing the Ligers. After everything was clear they went walking in searching of Dark Blank.

Crumbelina: Thanks for saving our lives, Klonoa.

Rancis: Yes, you was great.

Klonoa: Don't mention it, I had to do the right thing.

Legretta: Now we just need to find that Dark Blank guy in order to restore this game back to normal.

Guntz: Says you.

Legretta: What did you say?!

Guntz: I said says you, got any problem?!

Guntz and Legretta then start to exchange glances, until they got seperated by Arietta and Klonoa. They walked until they saw a red ball wearing sunglasses and holding a gun marching.

Arietta: I don't recall having a monster ball in our game....

Swizzle: That because it isn't, that's a sour ball, a candy from our game.

Crumbelina: But why is he here?

They whispered to each other, so our heroes and their allies decided to follow him, until they see him entering inside a cave, they entered in the cave and walked along until they saw a base with an army of sour balls. and their leader happens to be Frankie.

Swizzle: That's Frankie the Sour Ball!

Legretta: The what?

Swizzle: Frankie The Sour Ball. He's the leader of a mafia that consists only sour balls, he's very dangerous and has a powerful army, I also heard that he has a pet....

Crumbelina: Although we don't know what kind of pet he has.

Gloyd: Sssh! Let's hear their conversation.

Frankie's henchman #1: Everything is under control boss, it is all infected with virus in here and in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Frankie: Excellent, we may be a step ahead for lord Dark Blank to give the reward for Kenny, who's gonna share for me.

They get out of their hiding and prepare to fight Frankie and his army of mafia sour balls.

Rancis: Not so fast Frankie!

He said while Frankie doesn't seem to be surprised.

Frankie: I was expecting you to come...

He said while pulling out a control and pressed the button which made a trapdoor to open underneath them, as result, our heroes and their allies fall in it, they hit the ground and see that they're in an area full of dead sour balls with large bitemarks, they suddenly hear someone growling and become alerted, suddenly a screen turns on and Frankie was transmitting to them.

Frankie: Welcome to my pet's new playground, where Spike plays with my henchmen who were useless to me. Meet Spike!

He says while a gate opens automatically and another one of Frankie's useless henchmen falls from a trapdoor and hits the ground near the opened gate, they hear some giant steps.

Gloyd: Oh... This doesn't sound good...

Lolo: Don't like the look of this....

Huepow: I agree...

Popka: I think he is sending in, the big boy.

Guntz: More likely his pet.

Then Spike, who happens to be a Chain-Chomp from Super Mario, gets out of the gate.

Spike: Grrrr! Ow, ow, ow!

He barks and notices the shivering sour ball and attacks him, he holds the henchmen's body on his mouth with large sharp teeth and quickly shakes his head left and right, while our heroes watch in horror. Spike spit the sour ball, now dead and without a face due to a bitemark.

Spike: OW, OW, OW!!!! GRRRR!!!!!

He barks and growls loudly and quickly hopps towards them, Guntz and Legretta tried to shot him, but his body seems to be very resistant, which makes him invicible.

Arietta: Negative Gate!!!

She shouts while creating a sphere of dark energy, despite being hit by the spell, Spike doesn't seem to suffer any damage and continues charging at them, trying to bite or crush them. Guntz then jumps in the air.

Guntz: Shinigami Fire!!!

He shouts while shooting laser spheres at Spike, while Klonoa flies in the air.

Klonoa: Tornado Attack!!!

He shouts while unleashing a massive amount of tornadoes at Spike.

Legretta: Prims Ballet!!!

She shouts while she raises multiple walls of light around her, and ends with her firing a larger version of Rage Laser at Spike, which then a large smoke covers Spike, which then everybody waits for the smoke to vanish.

Rancis: Did we beat him?

Crumbelina: Seems that way....

When the smoke finally vanishes, it shows that Spike is standing and looked like he didn't receive any scratch on his body.

Spike: OW, OW, OW!!!!

Huepow: Oh no! We only made him angrier!

He says while inside Klonoa's ring. Then Frankie who is watching them on the screen says.

Frankie: Hahahaha! Give up and accept your fates, Spike's body is very resistant, no wonder Chain-Chomps are invicible in the Mario franchise.

Crumbelina: He is right, Chain-Chomps are invicible enemies from Mario.

Rancis: Wait he said body, but what happens if we focus on his mouth?

Which surprised everybody and decided to focus on Spike's mouth, as soon as Spike leapts at them open his mouth wide, Legretta points her gun.

Legretta: Rage Laser!!!

She shouts and shoots a penetrating beam of light in Spike's mouth.

Frankie: WHAT!?

Spike: YELP!!!

Spike suffers damage from his mouth and falls on the ground, it tries to barely stand up but ended up uncouncious. Our heroes celebrate their victory while Frankie decides to take his anger out on his henchmen by shooting his mini gun at them.

Huepow: We did it!

Lolo: I can't believe it! We won!

Popka: You bet it, Lolo, we defeated Spike.

Gloyd: Look, there is a glowing sphere on the tip of his chain.

Crumbelina: It must be the virus's main source.


Guntz destroy the main source with a shot, suddenly the game resets and is restored to normal, the forests are beautiful again and the monsters recovered their free will.

Frankie: I can't believe it! Oh it doesn't matter, I'm going to be lucky in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

He said while pressing a button from a remote control which teleported Frankie along with his army and Spike. Later at the Tales of the Abyss's gate our heroes were bidding their farewells.

Swizzle: Thanks for helping us defeating Frankie.

Crumbelina: Yeah, you were big help.

Legretta: That was nothing.

Arietta: You're welcome to come here anytime.

Klonoa: Well my friends and I have to return our game.

Lolo: It was nice meeting you all.

Popka: I hope we can play sometime after this Dark Blank crisis is over.

Huepow: And remember guys, no matter in what situation you are, never give up without a fight.

Guntz: Not bad for a second rank sniper.

Legretta: Says who?!

Guntz: I said!!

Legretta and Guntz starts to exchange glances again while everybody falls in a laugh.

Chapter 23: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Vanellope and Taffyta enter inside a gate that says Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Inside the game they see that everything is creepy.

Vanellope: Wow, this place looks spooky like a Cy-bug's nest.

Taffyta: At least it couldn't get worse.

Suddenly they hear some noises in the bushes and a group of antropomorphic hawks viruses wearing karate outfits appear.

Vanellope: You were saying?

Taffyta: *Sigh* Never mind...

Vanellope prepares to fight the hawk viruses, when suddenly they hear an....

???: HYAAAA!!!!

Vanellope: Huh?

Then a person wearing an European-cut karate gi with minor patches. Wearing a yellow headband on the neck and walking barefoot appears before them.

Taffyta: Who's that guy?

???: What?! I'm a girl, can't you see?!

She yells at Taffyta. Just then one of the Karate hawk viruses went to attack the girl.

Vanellope: Look out!

She said and does a Glitch Tackle at the virus.

???: Not bad. For a child.

Vanellope: I'm Vanellope Von Schweetz and you already met Taffyta Muttonfudge, we're from Sugar Rush.

???: I'm Makoto and I'd like to talk, but we have to deal with these birds first.

Vanellope: I agree.

Taffyta: I'll pass, I don't want to ruin my makeup.

Vanellope: Here we come, Karatawks!

Makoto: Karatawks?

Vanellope: Well, yeah, I mean they're hawks and wear karate gis and fight karate, so-

Makoto: I get it!

Just then when one of the Karatawks was about to attack them, it was then hit by three kunais and and being hit with several kicks by a brown haired man that is braided into a pony tail which is covered by a blue baseball cap with a yellow visor and a circle with a skateboard in it.  Wearing a sleeveless, white kung fu shirt with a yellow hem and blue trim and buttons. yellow wristbands that continue to form fingerless gloves, and black pants and sneakers.

Makoto: Yun!

Yun: Yo, Makoto.

Then a Ninja girl and her raccoon dog appears from nowhere in ninja style.

Makoto: Ibuki!

Ibuki: And don't forget Don.

She playfully says to Makoto.

Chapter 24: Team Avatar & SpongeBob

Vanellope: Wow.

She said in amusement, just then one of the Katawks was about to give Vanellope, a karate-chop.

Vanellope: Whoa!

She dodges it by using her glitch, however another Katawk was about to attack Taffyta.

Taffyta: No!

Suddenly it was sent up in the air by a powerful earth tower underneath it and some were hit by water and got frozen solid and some were hit by balls of air. And one was knocked out by a boomerang.

Yun: What the....?

Then appear a group of five kids and a pair of weird-looking animals. Some of the remaining Katawks turn their attention on them, a tomboyish girl used her powers and throwed two boulders against them and a girl in blue clothes starts to control the water and manage to slash the Katawks, and a girl wearing an armor and white mask managed to slash the Katawks with her fans and a bald boy with a blue arrow on his forehead, start to send strong air blows at the Katawks and a large horned animal with six legs charged at the Katawks and let it out a loud roar, feeling weakned and frightned by the animal's roar the Katawks decided to retreat. After the fight was over, they introduced themselves.

Aang: Hi I'm Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender: Burning Earth.

Katara: I'm Katara, glad to meet you.

Toph: I'm Toph Beifong.

Suki: I'm Suki, leader of the Kyoshi warriors.

Sokka: The name's Sokka, good to meet you. And together we are Team Avatar!

Vanellope: It is really nice to meet you. I'm Vanellope Von Schweetz, president of Sugar Rush.

Taffyta: I'm Taffyta Muttonfudge and who are they or what are they?

Aang: This Momo my Winged Lemur and this is Appa my Flying Bison.

However, while introducing his pets, a Katawk attempts to strike a karate chop in a sneak attack... But then!

???: HYAAAAA!!!!

They heard a shout and look behind and see a yellow sponge with a red helmet and gloves knocking out a Katawk with a karate chop.

???: Phew! That was a close one.

Makoto: And who might you be? Friend or foe?

???: Oh, I'm SpongeBob Squarepants, from The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: The video game. *Laughs*.

Ibuki: Oh ok. Anyway, why are you all doing here?

Vanellope: Taffyta and I are investigating if Dark Blank is in this place.

SpongeBob: I'm here to train my karate in your dojo Makoto.

Makoto: Wait! How do you know my name?

SpongeBob: I saw you in your video game's trailer, your karate skills are excellent and I want you to train my karate.

Makoto: oh ok....

Ibuki: Well, for Spongebob and Team Avatar, I'm Ibuki and these are Yun and Don my racoon dog.

Yun: Yo.

Katara: Anyway, who's this Dark Blank guy?

Vanellope: It's a long story, it all started....

Sometime later....

Makoto: So let me see this straight... A black ink virus named Dark Blank, wants to take over the arcade and turn us into his slaves and the arcade being populated only by viruses? And you and your friends are trying to stop him?

Vanellope: Yes and your game is like this due to his influence, so will you help us?

Makoto: Hmmmm.... I'll help you, in anyway I can.

Ibuki: This is a mission for a ninja, so I accept the mission, isn't that right, Don?

Yun: I'll go with you, since I have nothing to do.

Aang: My friends and I are going with you Vanellope, we can help with our bending.

SpongeBob: And I'd love to join on your journey.

Vanellope: Great, let's find the main source for this game being like this and return it back to normal.

Taffyta: Do we have to?

Vanellope: In order to save this game? Yes.

Chapter 25: Karaten Chopanda & Jon Talbain

Our heroes walk along to find a way to restore the game back to normal. While walking they were suddenly ambushed by some Katawks. Makoto, Yun, Ibuki, Vanellope, Taffyta, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Suki and SpongeBob were ready to take them on. When suddenly they heard...

???: Arroooooooooo!!!!

they all look behind and see a werewolf attacking the Katawks with a dash ki. Eliminating all of the Katawks who vanish.

Spongebob: Gee thanks Mr. Werewolf!

the werewolf than returns to be human, which surprised Makoto says...

Makoto: Hey, I know you, you're Jon Talbain from Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. What are you doing here in our game?

Jon Talbain: I came here for my training and when I see all those viruses showing up all of a sudden, I decided to solve the mystery of this virus-spree.

Yun: I see, so that's how you came here?

Jon Talbain: Yes.

Ibuki: So why don't you join us? We're also trying to solve the mystery of this Virus-spree.

Jon Talbain: Why not?

So our heroes kept going on their journey. Suddenly they notice a yellow sour ball wearing sunglasses and holding a gun passes by. They decided to follow him.

Vanellope: That sour ball looks familiar.... She said while following him without being notice. Suddenly it entered inside a lab base, which make the Street Fighters characters wondering.

Makoto: I don't recall our game having a lab before.

Ibuki: This game never has this kind of base.

Yun: Does this mean that someone is behind those viruses?

Aang: Could be, but only one way to find out. He said while the group is entering. Inside there is actually a large battle ring platform and on the right side of the platform there is a chair that slowly turned around.

Frankie: So we meet again Vanellope Von Schweetz, for the last time.

Vanellope: Frankie the sour ball.

SpongeBob & Toph: The who?

Vanellope: Frankie. He's a sour ball from my game and is the leader of a mafia of sourballs. He's very cruel and sneaky.

She explains to them while glaring at the evil sour ball.

Frankie: Why thank you president! While you're here, I brought a little surprise just for you.

He said pulling out a remote control and press a button. Suddenly the platform opens a compartment and a fierce looking panda with red glaring eyes and wearing a karate gi pop out from the compartment and strikes a fighting pose.

Frankie: Meet Karaten Chopanda, one of master Dark Blank's creations. Since you're not gonna survive, I'm gonna give you a tip, the main source of this game infection is on his left wrist, he's using as a bracelet. Now if you excuse me, I gotta go!

He said while running away. Karaten Chopanda begins to aproach them, having no choice they decide to fight the virus boss. Aang throw some air balls at Karaten Chopanda which manages to block them.

Karaten Chopanda: GRRROOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!

It roars at them and charges at them while doing some quick punches. Vanellope dodges glitching and she throws some cherry bombs at the virus, however this only made it even more frustrated.

SpongeBob: Hyaa!

He yells while hitting the virus with some karate chops. Katara bend some water and throw at Karaten Chopanda's legs freezing them in the process. Sokka throws his boomerang at the virus, but it throws it away with a punch. Toph manages to earth bend a boulder and throws at it, Yun then quickly aproaches Karaten Chopanda and jumps while giving several kicks. Makoto and Ibuki both give a flying kick at the virus's face with Jon Talbain quickly aproaching Karaten Chopanda and extend his claws and stabs it on the chest, killing the virus.

Karaten Chopanda: GROOOOOooooooo... oooo..... GROOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

It roars while glowing and explodes, the explosion destroyed the main source, which made the entire game to glow and restore it back to normal, the base, along with the Katawks vanish. Vanellope: Thanks for helping us guys.

SpongeBob: Don't mention it.

Aang: It was the least we could do.

Toph: If you ever need help, just call us.

Makoto: Yeah, we're friends, right?

Vanellope: Right! Come on Taffyta, let's return to Sugar Rush.

Taffyta: Finally! Home here I come.

Chapter 26: Prisoned & Betsy

After the Sugar Rush racers solved the problem on the games that were infected by Dark Blank. Litwak's Arcade got opened. Meanwhile Rank, Agent S, Fang, Melody and Pesto were walking, having realized that the arcade is opening Pesto, Melody and Agent S return to their games while Fang stays with Rank.

Rank: Why all the video game characters are entering inside those gates Fang?

Fang: Those gates are the games entrance and exit, we video game characters do our jobs as video game's good guys and bad guys.

Meanwhile in an unknown location....

Dark Blank: IDIOTS!!!!

He yells at Kenny and Frankie.

Kenny: It's not our fault master Dark Blank, it was all those *Beep* losers's fault.

He said while shivering in fear.

Frankie: Calm down boss, I have a plan that is gonna help you to conquer the arcade.

Dark Blank: Really? So SPEAK!!!

Frankie: All we have to do is get that boy.

He says while showing in Dark Blank's Crystal Ball.

Frankie: I have a hunch that he's here to destroy you master.

Dark Blank: I see... So we have to get rid of him, I'm going to create a new virus.

Back in Game Central Station, the arcade has closed, Fang and Rank were there walking and chitchatting.

Fang: And there is Tapper's and the other gate is from Pac-man.

Rank: Incredible, I never knew that video game characters has such a life besides being in video games. And who are those video game characters?

He said while pointing at the video game characters, one of them was holding a sign that says: Game unplugged, please help!

Fang: Oh... Those are gameless characters, they're characters who got they're games unplugged and now they have nowhere to live and are forced to stay here, I am one of them.

Rank: That's horrible....

Suddenly, they hear a voice.

???: Fang!

Fang & Rank: huh?

They see a zombie girl waving at them.

Fang: Betsy?!

He says as she aproaches them.

Rank: AAAH!!! A zombie! Please don't eat my brain!

He said while afraid of her.

Betsy: Me? Eating your brain? Why would I?

Rank: What?

Fang: It's ok, Rank, despite Betsy being a zombie, she's also a video game character, zombies from video games don't act like the zombies from the legend, we live in peace and harmony in here.

Rank: Oh... Sorry I didn't know. I'm Rank. Glad to meet you!

Betsy: My name is Betsy, I'm from Living Dead Raceaway. Glad to meet you too. So Fang, what's going on?

Fang: Well, you see it all started....

Sometime later...

Fang: And that's all...

Betsy: So Rank is not a video game character? He's a real life boy who got teleported in here via lightning? And there's a new virus named Dark Blank and you're trying to stop him?

Fang: That's right Betsy and I was thinking, would you like to help us?

Rank: Yeah, you could help us find Dark Blank.

Betsy: Sure, I'm gonna help you find this Dark Blank guy and help you save the arcade.

Fang: You will? Thanks Betsy! I knew I could count on you!

Betsy blushes at Fang's compliment on her. Then Pesto and Melody got reunited.

Melody: Hey guys! I see you met Betsy Rank.

Pesto: Coo, hi Betsy.

Betsy: Hi Pesto, Melody. Guess what? I'm joining with you on your adventure.

Pesto: That's great, with Betsy's powers we are unbeatable!

Fang: We're gonna stick together, like the three musketeers!

Pesto: "Musketeers"? What's that supposed to mean?

Fang: I just said that we're like the three musketeers, you know all for one and one for all.

Suddenly Pesto begins to ask Fang angrily.

Pesto: Are you saying that I'm a 150 years old turtle?! That I'm small and adorable canary?! What am I? A small blue eyed yellow canary who's going to say "I tawt I taw a putty tat" for you? IS THAT IT?!?!?!?!

He says while Betsy, Rank and Melody exchange glanses.

Fang: No, I'm not saying that!

Pesto: So I am a musketeer?

Fang: Yes, that's what I'm saying

Pesto: THAT'S IT!!!!

He yells while leaping at Fang and begins to clobber him.

Pesto: I'll give you the "musketeer"! I got your "musketeer" right here! I'll show you the "musketeer", you chicken eater mammal!

Fang: OW!!! OUCH!!! YOUCH!!! STOP PESTO!!!

Suddenly a hoard of Orc virus ambushed them, thus interrupting Pesto beating up Fang. Our heroes decides to fight the viruses, while Rank takes cover and hides behind a bench. Betsy uses her Blood Scream, while Fang manages to hits three orc viruses with his popgun.

Fang: Bull's eye!

Melody manages to kick and punch an orc virus. 

Rank: Go Betsy! Beat them all Melody! You're doing great Pesto! You're the best Fang.

He said while cheering on them, however, he doesn't realize Kenny sneaking up behind him and manages to hit his head with his trustful candy cane club, Rank falls on the floor uncouncious and got dragged by the peppermint themed racer.

The next day... Rank wakes up and sees that he's in a prison cell. 

Rank: Owwwww.... My head... Where am I? Why am I in a prison cell?!

Then Dark Blank appears from nowhere.

Dark Blank: So... You're the one who's planning to destroy me?

Rank: Dark Blank!

Dark Blank: Bingo.

Rank: Why are you doing this?

Dark Blank: Because I liked this arcade! I loved it and I hate this place lacking viruses so I'm going to conquer this arcade and turn the video game characters into slaves!

Rank: You're not going to get away with this Dark Blank!

Dark Blank: I will and why? Because I'm Dark Blank the big virus!

He then begins to sing.

Dark Blank: ♫I am marvelous and malicious, but very devious! I'm very bad, but not mad! I'm going to conquer this arcade universe and make my verse, I'll make them all to work. For me, me, me, me! I'm Dark Blank♪ 

Viruses: ♫The big virus, big virus♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫I'm the big, big virus!♪ 

Viruses: ♫Forever and ever! Big virus, big virus♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫Oh that's me.♪ 

Viruses: ♫Hail virus!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫ Hail me, me, me, me, me and me! I'm Dark Blank the big virus. I'm a powerful virus! Got awful sharp claws!♪ 

Viruses: ♫He's very wicked who was ever awakened!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫I'm a heck of a guy and got strenght in size♪ 

Viruses: ♫But he won't be satiesfied until he's king of the arcade time!♪

Dark Blank:  ♫Yes, I have an arcade plan that's totally divine, *Laughs* I'm gonna make it mine, all mine!♪ Was there any virus in the arcade?

Viruses: No!

Dark Blank: So I'm gonna conquer the arcade and why? 'Cause I'm Dark Blank the biiiig virus!

Viruses: ♫Big virus, big virus!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫I'm the big, big virus!♪

Viruses: ♫Forever and ever! Big virus, big virus!♪

Dark Blank: ♫Oh that's me!♪ 

Viruses: ♫Join the virus!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫I'm the future arcade king, I'm Dark Blank.♪ 

Viruses: ♫The big virus, big virus!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫I'm the big, big virus!♪ 

Viruses: ♫Forever and ever! Big virus, big virus!♪

Dark Blank: ♫Oh that's me!♪ 

Viruses: ♫Hail virus!♪ 

Dark Blank: ♫Hail me, me, me, me, me and me! I'm Dark Blank, the big, the really, really great big virus!♪ *Laughs*

He along with the viruses disappear and then the flashback stops and we see Rank still in the prison cell and continues narrating.

Rank: And that's how it happened, here I am, as a prisoner of Dark Blank, I lost hope, there's nothing I can do to get out of here, I'm going to be trapped in this video game world forever.

Suddenly he hears someone saying.

???: Psst, over here!

Rank: Huh?

Chapter 27: The Great escape & Confronting Kenny

Rank: Who's there?

He said after hearing someone's voice.

???: Please, just step away from the wall, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Rank: Oh ok.

He said while stepping away of the prison cell's wall.

???: Bam!

He screams and destroyes the wall with a punch. Then a large man with big hands and brown overalls appear in front of him, which Rank quickly recognizes him.

Rank: Wreck-It-Ralph?

Ralph: Yup, that's me, but you can just call me Ralph.

???: Did you get him out, Ralph?

A short man with blue uniform and cap appears out of the hole from the wall. Rank quickly recognizes him.

Rank: Fix-It-Felix Jr.?

Felix: That's my name, but you can call me Felix for short.

Then a blondie woman with black armor gets inside the prison cell.

???: Wreck-It, Fix-It, we need to go, the virus guards are coming!

Felix: Yes my love! <3

Rank: Sergeant Calhoun?

Calhoun: Just call me Calhoun, let's go!

She says while shooting some virus guards. When Rank got outside of the prison cell, he was surprised to see Melody, Pesto, Fang, Betsy and the Mellbutters. While running Rank asks them.

Rank: How'd you find me?

Melody: It was all thanks to Fang's keen sense of smell.

Fang: As soon as we defeated the virus orcs, we noticed that you was gone, luckily I got your smell and I followed.

Betsy: When we arrived, we saw that you was inside that castle from a hole in the Game Central Station's system.

Pesto: As there were many virus guards in the castle, we went to Sugar Rush for help.

Ralph: Vanellope contacted us and told us everything.

Carrie: Vanellope sent me, because she knew that I am smart, but my siblings decided to tag along with me..... Anyway, I formulated a plan to free you and the rest you know.

Rank: Sheesh, thanks guys, you're the best!

Calhoun: Save your thanks for later, we got to get outta here!

She says while they run and run, until they lost the virus and were away from Dark Blank's castle. Meanwhile inside the castle, Dark Blank was showing throwing a virus guard outside the castle's window.

Dark Blank: I can't believe that you let a simple boy to escape!

Virus Guard: But master, its not our fault, a bunch of video game characters invaded the castle and freed him.

He said, but gets scratched in the face by the enraged black ink virus.

Dark Blank: *Roars*! One of you must go and get the boy back!

Kenny then appears and says.

Kenny: Don't worry master Dark Blank, I'll solve your problem, I got a secret weapon with me.

Dark Blank: Excellent! Now off you go! Don't make me waste my patience!

Kenny jumps on his kart the Death Pepper and pressed a button which turned it into a jet plane and flew away at a fast speed. Meanwhile back with our heroes, they were running until they reach a place with a fissure, Calhoun notices the exit.

Calhoun: There's the exit.

Toffeella: Yay! We succeed in our rescue mission! Hooray!

Butterscott: Zip it, Toffeella, its still too soon for victory.

However, just when they were going towards the exit, Kenny lands with his kart which turned into a giant robot.

Kenny: Not so fast, *Beep*!

Mellbutters: Kenny!?

Betsy: What he's doing here?

Fang: Its obvious that he's here to prevent us from getting out of here...

Melody: Why are you helping that virus, Kenny?!

Kenny: Simple, master Dark Blank promised to pay me with one million bucks and I accepted, we bounty hunters do anything for money, nothing personal Melody, it's just business. I see that you brought Butterscott and his *Beep* sisters along.

Butterscott: What?! Take back what you said!

Kenny: NEVER *BEEP*!!! Besides, I still have some unfinished business with you. I'm gonna give you a pain in the *Beep*!

He says while preparing to fight them.

Calhoun: I don't know what's the problem with that boy, but he seems too confident of himself.

Felix: Better we stop chatting, 'cause here he comes!

Kenny: Eat candies *Beep*!

Rank: Look out!

He shouts while everybody dodges by lying on the ground, when Kenny shot some cherry bombs at them while laughing maniacally. Calhoun begins to shot Kenny's robot's torso.

Kenny: What are you doing, *beep*?! You're ruining my kart?!

He then begins shot sweet seekers at her, Calhoun activates a shield which deflects back at Kenny, which enraged him and starts to swear with words that can make a sailor go to shame however Ralph punches the robot's left leg, tearing off.

Kenny: NO!!! That tears it! You can shot me and deflect my shots, but nobody ruins my kart!

He grabs Ralph and begins to crush him with the robotic arms, however Calhoun shots at the robot's left arm and he turns his attention to her, he throws Ralph at Calhoun. During the commotion, Melody, Betsy, Rank, Fang, Felix, Pesto and the Mellbutters created a plan, Felix restore a broken boulder with his magic hammer. Butterscott rolls a large tree stump and puts on a rock with Rank and Fang's help, they made a lever.

Rank: Ralph! Over here!

He waves and points at the lever, Ralph understood the plan and went towards the lever. Meanwhile, Kenny manages to disarm Calhoun and was about to punch her with a robotic arm, when suddenly Betsy intervened with a Blood scream. While distracted Ralph jumps on the stump, sending the boulder flying towards the robot, hitting with perfection, it was so badly damaged that it stopped working and falls on the ground, Kenny gets out of the no longer functioning kart-robot.

Kenny: Agh... Gah... It can't be...

Butterscott: This is the end, Kenny.

Kenny: W-Wait, stop! M-my bad. I'm sorry, forgive me!

Butterscott: What?

He said confused of Kenny suddenly begging for mercy.

Kenny: I was only following Dark Blank's orders. Y-You can understand, can't you? President Vanellope wouldn't be proud even if you do such a thing. Forgive me. Okay? Okay?

Butterscott: ...You...

Rank: Butterscott!

Toffeella: No, wait.

They said to Butterscott who was having a hard time listening Kenny out.

Kenny: I was going to betray Dark Blank from the beginning, actually. If you forgive me, I will cooperate with you! Help me. Please. Listen. Listen.

Butterscott: ....

Kenny: Forgive me!!

He shout out of fear for his life. Then Butterscott smiles and says.

Butterscott: ...Shameful. It's shameful that I had run into an awful guy, and now tears fall.

Kenny: ..............


Fang shots his popgun at him which took his hat off as a warning.

Fang: Go away. Never appear.

Kenny: Y-Yes.

He says as he flees the scene.

Betsy: Wow Fang, you looked so manly doing that to Kenny.

Fang: Heh, it was nothing, I just needed to give that boy a lesson, you know.

Carrie: I always knew that behind Kenny's greediness, he's just a crybaby.

She admits.

Rank: Yeah, we did it!

Ralph: We defeated that brat!

However, the screen shows someone's point of view aproaching towards Butterscott at a fast speed, which Toffeella noticed.

Toffeella: Look out!

She said while pushing Butterscott out of the way.

Kenny: Kieeeeee!!

It happens to be Kenny who injected a dart at Toffeella instead of Butterscott in a sneak attack, she falls on the ground, much to everybody(Specially Carrie and Butterscott) shock.

Kenny: *Beep*... That *beep* brat interrupted...

Butterscott: Toffeella! Kenny, curse you!

He says while running towards Kenny and punches his left eye, causing to turn purple, but despite having a purple eye he laughs and says.

Kenny: Keh... heheheheheh... Too late... Your sister is... now going to... the other world by my poison dart... Regret... Feel regret and... keep being worried... 

But while he was stepping away, he accidently trips on a small rock nearby the fissure.


He screams as he falls and vanish through the darkness to his death.

Butterscott: Toffeella! Hey, Toffeella!

He says while he and Carrie help their sister to get up.

Toffeella: Butterscott... Heh heh... It looks like you're fine...

Butterscott: Where are you hurt!?

Toffeella: ...Is... Kenny?

Felix: ...He fell into the fissure. He's probably dead by now.

Toffeella: I see...

She said as the poison dart is starting to take effect.

Butterscott: Toffeella! Toffeella! Cheer up!!

Toffeella: I'm okay... We'll return to Sugar Rush... and save the arcade.

Carrie: Yes, right! We'll save the arcade!

Toffeella: ...But, just a little...

Butterscott: Toffeella! Hey, Toffeella!


She said while falling asleep and starts to barely breathing.

Butterscott: Toffeellaaaaaa!!

He shouts in despair. Rank puts his hand on Butterscott's left shoulder and said.

Rank: Don't worry, she'll be fine, we just have to quick go to Sugar Rush's hospital as fast as possible.

Carrie: He's right!

Calhoun: So move it or lose it, we have a friend to save!

Pesto: Coo! Let's go!

Fang: I'm right behind you!

Betsy: Like Fang said.

Our heroes then suddenly run off while Ralph holds an asleep Toffeella.

Chapter 28: It's War!

Our heroes arrive in Sugar Rush and they go directly to the hospital to treat Toffeella back to health.

Dr. Ice Cream: This antidote is going to neutralize the dart's poison.

He said while injecting the antidote.

Rank: Phew! That was close!

Carrie: Thank goodness that we were able to save our sister.

Butterscott: Yeah, or else she might have died by Kenny's poison dart.

Fang: Guys, look at the TV.

He said while pointing at the TV.

Hologram Reporter: We interrupt this program for some breaking news! A portal is forming on Game Central Station, its unknown what is inside this portal, scientists are trying to-

Suddenly the TV loses signal and was changed to Dark Blank's face.

Dark Blank: I'm interrupting this program to announce!

Everybody: Dark Blank!

Dark Blank: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dark Blank and I'm here to conquer the entire arcade and turn all of you video game characters into slaves, if you don't choose to surrender I'm going to send my army of viruses to attack, either way of your choice, it's a win-win, because it's war! So I'm waiting for your response.

The TV then turns back to GCS News.

Melody: This is not good.

Pesto: Coo! That virus is up to no good.....

Ralph: I have a hunch that portal might lead us to Dark Blank....

Felix: Could be.

Calhoun: Only one way to find out.

Rank: Yeah, by going in there. Let's go!

He said very determined to defeat Dark Blank.

Butterscott: Carrie and I are going to stay in the hospital to look after Toffeella.

???: I'm going too!

Rank: Who said that? 

He said while looking at both sides.

Melissa: Me!

She said as she appeared.

Rank: Melissa! Good we does need more help.

Calhoun: I'm going to Hero's Duty to prepare my army for the invasion.

Felix: Ralph and me are gonna help you.

Ralph: I can help you with the power of my big fists!

Calhoun: Thanks, I'm gonna need that.

Fang: Pesto and I are gonna join too!

Pesto: I'm gonna give those viruses some punches!

Melody: I'm gonna kick their butts!

Betsy: With my Blood Scream, no one can stop me.

Our groups then get out of Sugar Rush and split up. Meanwhile in Dark Blank's base.

Dark Blank: Allright troops! We're at war, we're going to conquer this arcade like there's no tomorrow! Are you with me?!

Viruses: YES!!!

Dark Blank: So get ready!

He said to his army of viruses, the viruses went to the weapon arsenal, arming themselves and forming a line. Back with Melody, Betsy, Melissa, Rank, Fang and Pesto running through Game Central Station, until they arrived near the portal.

Fang: Well, we're here! I bet many viruses are going to get out of there.

Melissa: We'd better go in there and stop Dark Blank!

Rank: I agree! We're gonna stop Dark Blank once and for all!

Pesto: Coo, I'm ready when you are!

He said while letting his wings wide open.

Betsy: Its not gonna be easy, but we have to try.

Melody: What are we waiting for? Come on let's go!

She said, and they all enter inside the portal. Meanwhile at Hero's Duty.

Calhoun: All right soldiers! We're gonna have a big war, a war even worse than killing Cy-Bugs! It's a virus war... The Yeti is about to get out of its hibernation so we'd better get ready, am I clear?

Soldiers: Yes, ma'am!

Calhoun: Good! Let's go to Game Central Station!

She said as she and the soldiers all march to Game Central Station. Back with our heroes, they arrived in Dark Blank's base, they were in a place with four floors and the only way to go to the fourth floor is going up the stairladders, they begin to walk on the stairladders when a virus soldier on the second floor notices them and activates the alarm, the viruses begins to appear from nowhere and beginning to attack our heroes, but with the help of Betsy's Blood Scream, Fang's popguns and Pesto's thrash, they kept deleting the viruses. But when they arrived at the third floor, Frankie who is riding Spike appears from the ceiling and blocks their path.

Chapter 29: Confronting Frankie and Mega Spike

Frankie who is riding on Spike the Chain-Chomp blocks the path for the fourth floor.

Frankie: I won't let you thwart my master's plan.

Rank: Frankie!

Melody: Why are you helping this virus?!

Frankie: Nothing personal, business is business. Now you'd better get out of here immediately, if you know what's good for you.

Fang: And if we refuse?

He asks him while crossing his arms.

Frankie: Then, you're all goners.

He says while pressing a button which make sharp spikes to grow on the Chain-Chomp's round body.

Spike: Grrrrr! Ow ow ow!

Frankie: Say hello to Mega Spike.

Fang: H-hello....

He says while sweating profusely.

Frankie: Now prepare yourselves! Mega Spike attack!

Mega Spike: Ow ow ow ow ow! Grrrr!

He barks while bouncing towards our heroes.

They dodges the spiked Chain-Chomp's body slam, Fang shoots some corks at Spike, but with no effect.

Fang: Bull's-what?! My corks has no effects on him!

Pesto: And I can't beat him up without getting pierced by the spikes.

Melissa: How can we beat someone who has a very resistent body?

Melody: Hmmmm, maybe....

Rank: Maybe?

Melody: Maybe Betsy's Blood scream might have an effect against this creature.

Pesto: Good idea, do you mind?

Betsy: I'm on it!

She says and does a blood scream against Spike and Frankie.

Frankie: AAAAAH!!! It's too loud!

Mega Spike: YELP!!!

Betsy's blood scream proved to be too much for Spike and jumped out of the floor crushing some viruses underneath him while Frankie managed to get out of Spike on time and decides to face our heroes himself.

Frankie: You're gonna pay for driving my Chain-Chomp off.

He begins running while shooting everywhere with his Mini-Gun.

Frankie: How did you like my Mini-Gun? It fires 8000 rounds per second. Brass cased 8MM. With tungsten alloy heads and high explosive charge, very messy huh?

Fang: Get down!!!!

He said as everybody begins to lie down on the floor to avoid being shot. Frankie kepts running everywhere at a fast speed, Fang then got an idea, he pulls out his popgun and aim for his feet.

Fang: Now, I just need to find the right moment.... Wait... Wait...

He saids while waiting at the spot where Frankie was running at the exact direction.

Fang: Gotcha!

  • Pop*!

Frankie: OW!!! Whooooa!!!

He screams as his right foot got hurt and he falls and rolls on the ground and lies down.

Melody: Sic him, Pesto!

Pesto: I thought, you would never say it!

He says as he leapts at Frankie and begins pounding him.

Pesto: I'll give you the "Mini-Gun"! I got your "Mini-Gun", right here! I'll show you the "Mini-Gun"!

He says while beating up the evil sour ball with sunglasses.

Frankie: Oof! OW!!! OUCH!!! AAAH!!!

He screams while being thrashed by the pigeon, until he stops beating him up and Frankie was lying on the ground uncouncious.

Pesto: Done.

Rank: Wow Pesto, you're strong!

Pesto: Of course I am, I'm a GoodFeather, coo!

Melissa: Now we have to stop Dark Blank!

Rank: Right, let's go!

He says as he and his friends run off, our heroes reach the top of the base where Dark Blank was sending his army of Orc Viruses to the portal for the invasion.

Rank: Dark Blank, this stops here!

Dark Blank: We meet again, Rank, for the last time!

He says as he prepares to battle our heroes.

Final Chapter: The Final Battle!

Part 1: The Invasion

Rank: What are you up to, Dark Blank?

He asks him while glaring at him.

Dark Blank: Simple, I'm gonna send my minions in that portal to invade Game Central Station and after I conquer the arcade, I'm going to use this Multi Dimension Portal and conquer the real world. Then the world will be habited by nothing but viruses! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

He laughs loudly while facing up the ceiling.

Melody: You won't get away with this, you over-sized Virus.

Dark Blank: Try to stop me... Go my viruses, conquer the arcade!

He said while all the Orc Viruses run into the portal. Meanwhile in Game Central Station, Calhoun and her soldiers from her game were there prepared for the war. Felix is with them to fix their weapons in case it gets broken and Ralph is there to help fight them off. Suddenly the Orc Virus army gets out of the portal and begins to attack.

Calhoun: CHARGE!!!

She shouts while she and the other soldiers run and begins to shot the Orc viruses. The fight was going very well, Ralph was killing the orc viruses with his large fists, some orc viruses got shot by Calhoun and her soldiers, however the Orc Virus army begins to get the upper hand, by using shields to defend against the shots and managed to aproach the soldiers and beginning to kill them with their clubs. Back with our heroes, Dark Blank was preparing to fight Pesto, Fang and Betsy. Betsy uses her Blood Scream but he quickly holds her in the mouth preventing her to use it and hits her head against the floor, Fang shoots some corks at the virus, but it has no effect and Dark Blank grabs the weasel and throws him away.

Pesto: Cooooo!!!! Now I'm gonna show you th-

Dark Blank interrupts him by slapping him away and hits against the wall, making the pigeon uncouncious.

Melissa: He's too strong!

Rank: How can we beat him?!

Melody: Hmmmm.... I got an idea!

Part 2: Dark Blank's Downfall and a Tearful Good bye

Melody: I'm going to distract him, while you two sneak up behind him and inject the Anti-Virus Vaccine Program at him.

Rank & Melissa: Right!

They agreed while preparing themselves. Melody walks in front of him.

Melody: Hey, weirdo! Over here!

She says while waving at him.

Dark Blank: Haaa! 

He shouts while quickly going after Melody to attack her. Melody jumps out of the way, but Dark Blank manages to grab her and begins to spin her around.

Melody: Whooooooaaaaaa! Stop it, I'm getting diiiiizzy!

He then lets her go, while Melody walks totter towards a rubbish can and pukes inside it. Then Dark Blank turns around and notices Melissa and Rank aproaching him, he slaps Melissa away and goes after Rank. He runs for his dear life while the virus was chasing after him, he goes down the stair ladders, but Dark Blank jumps and gets in the way.

Dark Blank: Raaah!

Rank: AAAH!!!

He screams and tries to run but the virus grabs his left leg.

Dark Blank: Gotcha!

Rank: Yikes!

He said startled, Fang and the others recover counciousness and then Dark Blank shows up, holding Rank by the leg upside down.

Dark Blank: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! See? You're all no match for me. Because I'm very powerful and I'm the big virus. Any last words?

He asks Rank, as he prepares to finish him off in front of the boy's friends.

Rank: Yes, take... THIS!!!

He says as he injects the Anti-Virus Vaccine Program at his chest.

Dark Blank: AAAAARRRRRRGH!!!!!

He screams after being injected, letting Rank go.

Dark Blank: You cursed boy! Look what you've done. I'm deleting! Deleting!

He says while he begins to slowly vanish.

Dark Blank: What a world! Who'd have thought a good little boy like you could have destroyed my beautiful virus-ness! Look, I'm going! AAAAAAAAAH... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo.................

He says as his head finally disappears.

Fang: Wow... Now that's what I call a villain's defeat.

He says to the audience. Until our heroes noticed that the portal begins to slowly shrink.

Melody: The portal! Since Rank destroyed Dark Blank, this place is beginning to die with him.

Melissa: We have to get outta here!

Rank: Right!

Betsy: Better we run for it!

Pesto: Right behind you!

He says as he flies after them. Fang runs off but returns and gets the Multi Dimension Portal and runs off. They run down the stairladders, and managed to enter the portal and Fang manages to enter by leapting in the portal, only to have his tail comically stuck. He pulls and manages to break free.

Melissa: Look!

She says as all the Orc Viruses begins to disappear.

Orc Viruses: AAAAAAH!!!!

The soldiers from Hero's Duty, Felix and Ralph celebrates their victory, everybody begins to hold Rank and shouting.

Everybody: Three cheers for Rank! Hip-hip! Hooray! Hip-hip! Hooray! Hip-hip! Hooray!

Later in Sugar Rush, everybody was reunited, One of Vanellope's candy scientist manages to turn the Multi Dimension Portal on and programmed to deliver Rank to the real world, direct to his home.

Cupcake Scientist: Everything's ready Ms. President!

Rank: Well.... I guess this is good bye....

Melissa: Sniff.... I'm gonna miss you...

Betsy: So do I...

She said while she begins to have tears on her eyes.

Rank: It was nice meeting you all!

Pesto: I won't cry! I won't cry! I won't- WAAAAAH!!!!

Fang: There, there Pesto...

He says while patting his back.

Melody: Rank, I want you to know that you've been a good friend and I'll never forget you, never.

Rank: Ooh, Melody.

Then she hugs Rank, which he hugs her back, suddenly, Betsy, Melissa, Fang, Vanellope and Pesto do a group hug. After they stopped hugging, Rank goes toward the machine.

Rank: Bye, I won't forget you and this day.

He waves and enters inside the machine's portal, then he is seen in dimensional hole being sucked.


Then, Rank ends up landing in front of his house.

Rank: I can't believe it!

He enters inside his house.

Rank: Mom, Dad, I'm home!

Then the scene becomes dark and starts to appears pictures with the characters with the ending credits while Sign of Hero plays in the background, there are 15 pictures.

  1. Toffeella has fully recovered and is playing with her new friend the Hare from Monster Rancher 4.
  1. Prinny is now working in the Mellbutters's mansion, being their butler and doing their chores while Carrie is reading a book sitting on a sofa.
  1. Spongebob is training karate with Makoto in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. 
  2. Yun is skateboarding with Butterscott, while Guy and Maki are having a friendly spare in Game Central Station.
  3. Hinata, Natsu, Lolo and Katara are shopping.
  4. Guntz and Legretta begin dueling in Tapper's.
  5. Fang is being beaten up by Pesto while Vanellope and Melody are watching in horror.
  6. Aang, his pets, Sokka, Toph and Suki are having fun in a beach of Game Central Station.
  7. Melissa is joyfuly brushing Agent S's tail, while the latter is talking to someone in the cellphone.
  8.  Jon Talbain is howling at the moon in the top of a hill while Klonoa, Huepow, Jak, Daxter and Popka watch.
  9. Pops is walking with Solera and Digestiva, while Jack is nervously talking to Gelatina while blushing.
  10. Gloyd plays two buckets full of chocolate prank on Rancis and Swizzle, while Jubileena and Minty giggles.
  11. Taffyta is racing against Adorabeezle, Sticky, Tiramello and Crumbelina.
  12. Ibuki is sitting on a bench eating ice cream with Don, her pet Racoon Dog.
  13. Fix-It Felix is dancing with Sergeant Calhoun, with fancy clothes, while Wreck-It Ralph accidently breaks the table.
  14. Arietta is taking care of Zuum, Tiger and Baku.
  15. Rank having dinner with his parents.

Epilogue: Aftermath

After the credits, the scene shows the same place with the fissure, until suddenly a Familiar Hand rises from the fissure and holds the edge, the scene then becomes dark and a laughter is heard.



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