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Graham Mc Chocomallow is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. His central theme is s’mores. His signature kart is the Mash Mallow.

Official Bio

“The Wet Blanket”

Graham is the "word of the wise” to the racers. However, only some of them listen to him, while the rest barely do. But he just lets them learn the hard way.


Graham Mc Chocomallow is a young boy with apricot skin, light orange-brown freckled cheeks, brown hair and eyes, and thick brown eyebrows. He wears a marshmallow with a graham cap. His jacket is light-brown with a s’more on a white t-shirt. He also wears brown tights and dark-brown boots with melted chocolate surrounding them. When racing, he wears a marshmallow helmet with a brown visor.



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