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Harrie Bo is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. His theme centers around Haribo gummies. His signature kart is the Happy-Cokart.

Official Bio

“The Typical”

Harrie Bo is an average boy. He’s messy, he’s friendly, and he’s a top-notch racer! Since he’s one of the best racers, he sometimes like to gloat about it, especially to Neapolita Creamwich.


Harrie Bo is a young boy with peach skin, red cheeks, green eyes, and black hair. He wears a reddish-brown jacket with the letter “H” on a plain white t-shirt. He also wears a gummy bear cap, patterned tights, and reddish-brown boots with gummy worms on the bottom. When racing, he wears a yellow gummy bear helmet with a red visor.


  • His fans are anthropomorphic gummy bears.
  • His original theme was going to be soda, along with the name, Sodalynn Fizzlepop.
  • Although it‘s not on his kart, Harrie’s number is 15 on his grandstand.
  • He shares his stats with Taffyta Muttonfudge (from the online adaptation).


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