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Oreon Cookiecream is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. His central theme is Oreos. His signature kart is the Cookie Cutter.

Official Bio

"Just Plain Nice"

Oreon Cookiecream is, well, just plain nice! He's really friendly. No wonder why he's friends with all of the racers. However, his kindness makes him a little too trusting.


Oreon Cookiecream is a young boy with dark skin, blue eyes, and cream hair. He wears an oreo-inspired beanie. His jacket is cream with black stripes and a white t-shirt with black lining on the top and the letter "O" on it (although not visible). He also wears Oreo candy cane like black tights with black leggings and black boots. When racing, he wears a helmet exactly like his beanie but with black visor.



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