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Panellope Vingersnaps (née Panellope Von Schweetz) is an original planned character into the game of Sugar Rush. Due to a mistaked error, she got coded around a virus, got built up from infected coding parts of Vanellope's code, so she shares a few similarities with her, but is a completely different character. Due to her virus, she's classified as a citizen, but has her own level in the coding room. Meaning she did not get memory locked among the other racers and citizens.

Panellope Vingersnaps
Full Name

Panellope Vingersnaps


Panellope Von Schweetz (pre code curing name) Pan, Pan-Pan, Twinsie, Your Glitchness, The Virus, Sis, Sweetie, Honey, Vingerfingers, Red Snapper, Pandemic, Infectionist, Bubble Snapped Sis, Virus girl



Date of Birth

october 22nd.

Resides in

Sugar Rush (1997-2018) Fix-It Felix Jr.'s Niceland apartment (2018-)


Princess/Co-President of Sugar Rush / President of Sugar Rush


Sergeant Calhoun (adoptive mother) Fix-It Felix Jr. (adoptive father)


Vanellope von Schweetz (sibling figure)

Portrayed By

Voice actor: Eden sher


Though Panellope is sweet, and bubbly with a whole bunch of energy all the time, she's a big tomboy, who loves wrestling and pranking with the boys, and she thinks she has much closer bond with them. She's a daredevil, who doesn't care what speed limits say, so If you're looking for danger and excitement, this racer is the perfect one to choose! With her outgoing and daring attitude, there's nothing that can stand in her way. Though under this spunky shell, Panellope is very over-sensitive and emotional in the inside. She has a heart of gold and sees the good in everything and everyone! Despite hiding her inner-personality she rarely shows, her anger issues can burst out of her if touching sensitive topics, or hurting her. She gets angered often, as she's ambitious, and tries to do everything she can to achieve what she wants, even if she has to break some rules. If she can't earn it, she goes crazy, and has to calm herself down. This failed coding inside her boosts up the virus that's inside her, causeing a massive personality disorder at times. She can be sassy, mean, and sometimes even cunning in situations where her emotions are overwhelming. Once her virus will be deleted inside her, she'll be less moody, but still remain having some personality flaws due to being broken.


Panellope was "born" by a failed coding error. When the game was made a feral virus attacked it and shut down the server. Vanellope's first code broken down and infected by the Virus. The creators couldn't remove it from the game, but luckily they could fix up Vanellope from the uninfected parts. In order to stop the Virus from eating up the whole game, they had to create a character around the Virus to work as a shield, to save the game. But there was something, they didn't notice. In the coding room, her code continually crumbling slowly by the time due to her code being broken. If her code will crumble, she will disappear from the game, forever. With this disability, she's a bit glitchy sometimes meaning she stutters and glitches a lot. She isn't a real glitch, so she can leave the game whenever she wants. Although due to Scurge's virus protection, she's not allowed to enter the Game central Station.

When King Candy takes up the rule, and rebooted the game, he caught Panellope and chained her in the fungeon, because he knew that he can't pull her out from the game or the program will crash and will shut down. Pan always glitched out from the chain so King Candy decoded the barrier of sugar rush and made a big shield of it that was glitchproof and kept Panellope inside. But after the game was saved, the barrier disappeared, and Panellope was free. She reunited with her "Twin sister" who shares physical appearance with. Vanellope titles herself as president, and leads Sugar Rush by Panellope's side. Tho the little virus won't take much work in the process. She's classed as a regular citizen due to the law that broken characters are forbidden to race.

Panellope spent the next six years in hiding, always making sure gamers won't see any pixel of her during the race. She often killed time with practicing, making stunts, building up her own small racetracks and having fun with her fans while they discovered the candy-coated world.

As time flied and the virus started attacking her inner-coding, she started to feel more and more anger. Her feelings cluttering up from the repression made her lose her mind and rebel against the most important safety rule: she entered the Random Roster Race after twenty-one years on hold.

Stories she appears in

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wrecked Journey


Panellope's Dough-Kart:

Panellope was coded with a sticky but rather crunchy vehicle. Its main appearance contains Oreos as the wheels, a Chocolate chip cookie front and candy spikes following the top of the kart. The spoiler is held by children's classic bubblegum, and is a pink cookie with white chocolate and sprinkles. The seat is similar to the spoiler.


Panellope's place in the official Roster line-up. Due to her joining in late, her kart is positioned on the back, next to Minty Sakura. Once Vanellope leaves the game, her candy kart will be replaced with Panellope's.

Panellope's Helmet:

Panellope has a helmet she wears during races and practice. It has a chocolate base with a reddish pink stripe going down to the back, and cyan icing. The helmet has two "ears" made out of chocolate chip cookie, which also adds the cap in front. It has a light pink frosted visor that covers her eyes from dust.

Panellope's Jumbotron Icon:

Panellope has her own icon on the board. Her name is written in white, with red background. Her number may vary on ocassions.

Chews your racer!

Panellope's selection icon on the Roster. Her background is pink with white sparkles and reddish pink bubblegums.
Panellope never appeared on the Jumbotron before, due to being an unplayable character thanks to her virus. The first player to ever use her as their avatar was Nafisa in 2018, since Panellope rebelled against the rules of the kingdom and entered the roster. After clicking on her icon. she jumps up with one hand in the air, then the screen switches to live Sugar Rush with a few glitching effects thanks to Panellope's broken code.

Racer Info

Panellope's Official Racer Info sheet made by @ZaharSuldin. She"s one of the fastest racers of the game, due to her being reckless and doesn't mind going past the speed limits. However, due to this amount of speed, her emotions of excitement and stress, sometimes anger can cause her itch and glitch, making her quickly loose control over her kart. Her sweetness is avarage due to her behaviour.

Panellope's Fans

Panellope's fans are antropomorphic macarons with small hands and feet and bubblegum dresses with the same ribbons. Their ribbons are partly transparent. The colors of the macarons are mismatched, each one has a combination of three colours based on Panellope's kart and outfit. Some of them have icing with sugar spraying, and the cookie-based little fellas have chocolate chips like freckles. They're usually sitting in their stand, cheering for other racers since Panellope is forbidden to race. During the Random Roster Race, they spend their time cheering for Panellope, who's practicing driving on her made-up stunt- and racetracks. After the unplug in 2018, they'll stay in Qbert's apartment in Fix-It Felix Jr. and reunite in Sugar Rush when it's fixed.

Panellope's flag

Panellope's flag. It appears on some side of the track, for example near the start, and on the way to cakeway. It shows her in a simple-shaped style, sitting in her kart.

Panellope's grand stand

Panellope, like every racer has a grand stand set up at the finish line, where her fans are cheering for her during rosters and daily races. However, the stand was empty for years due to her not participating in any championships and were spending her time in Panellope's Kingdom with her fans. The stand is a chocolate base with similar stripes to her kart and teal frosting on the top of the box base, with two chocolate chop cookie's sticked together with cream as a banner. The cookie banner has a teal bubblegum with the word "Vingersnaps" written on it, as well as frosting on the top, and a bite at the side. It has a small red bubblegum bow on it's top left. When there aren't any rosters, the box is closed with the cookie part folding onto the box, and pops up open when a race starts. This box can be seen on all of the tracks.

Powers and Abilities:

Daredevilness Panellope got programmed with very well driving skills, and daredevilness, there isn't an trick she can't dare to do!


Panellope's inner Virus is slowly consuming her code from inside. This gives her the ability to temporarily break the code of anything on the track causing it to glitch for a few moments, but only if she wants. Over the years, she learnt how to control this ability. Pan's glitching and electric shock appear in light blue and red form, depending on her emotion, which the virus reacts to the most. Whenever she gets extremely angry, her eyes start to sparkle a bit in electric shocks and her whole body starts glitching. Due to the virus causing personality disorder, she sometimes uses this ablity as a threat- or a cheating weapon during race!

Panellope's Rainbow Blast

Panellope's power up, called "Rainbow Blast" are rainbow colored sparkles covering her wheels, which gives her a huge blast and lasts for 5 seconds. It fades near the end of the countdown, and then disappears. The rainbow has seven colors (red, orange, yellow, light blue, blue and purple). She discovers mid-race that she can access this feature without collecting a sugar cube by slamming the power-up button on her kart with her virus, which causes the kart's code to get messed up, and activate the power-up for a few crumbles of second.

Random Trivia:

  • Her Birthday is on the 22nd of October, the day I created her.
  • Panellope was locked up in the fungeon before her first race,since Turbo took over the world. She tried escaping the apocalypse but everyone's mind got washed. Since she was considered as a royalty (due to having Vanellope's code), her memories didn't disappear. Just like Vanellope's.
  • She's been around since i first watched the movie in 2013, but I decided to keep her "birth date" the day I first posted her on my DeviantArt in 2017.
  • She's really close to her sister Vanellope, they're like a dinamic duo of trouble at time.
  • She hasn't got as much relationship with Ralph as her sister, in fact for a long time she didn't even know about his existence. Being stuck in a game means you don't even know the world is real.
  • She's left handed, so in her kart the buttons and joysticks are on the other side.
  • The only reason she looks like Vanellope is that she has a part of her code, But the two are extremely different both in Personality and character. They do have different power-ups, kart and fans too.
  • Her fans are antropomorphic macarons.
  • Her theme is cookies and bubblegum.
  • Panellope's signature and painted graffiti:
  • She originally runned by the name Panellope Von Schweetz, but after revamping her, I decided to change her name to stay original. She'll earn her current name after Ralph breaks the internet, when her code will be cured from the Virus and will get back her originality.
  • Her name comes from Pan candy mixed with Panellope, and Gingersnaps (german cookie) with a V as initial hence her previrus name.
  • Panellope is a daring racer, with a wild way of driving on the track. Whenever she's bored mid-roster, she just yeets herself off the main road and starts racing on the wild outskirts. She often gets broken down, or covered in chocolate or frosting, but she doesn't mind. She likes the adventure of exploring off-track! She often does this in open-space areas such as, Cakeway, Choco Derby, Soft Serve Speedway, and Frosty Rally.


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