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Before Wreck-It Ralph

When the game was first plugged in the arcade, Panellope was a regular character in the game. Everyone knew what she was, a virus inside, so Vanellope forbade her to race due to her own safety. If she dies, the virus inside her will cause more damage than it'd normally do, shortening her lifespan. A shady character, Turbo, was visiting the game in need of a shelter,and was allowed by Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz to stay within the castle for the night. But Turbo wasn't searching for a sleeping place, he was targeting Sugar rush as a new game he can rule. He hijacked the codes, Unplugged Vanellope, and captured her in the fungeon. All the other racers' memories erased their memories, creating a vision in their mind of their past. That King Candy always existed and Vanellope is a glitch who they should get rid off. Panellope, having her own level of rank within the citizens of Sugar rush wasn't easy to manipulate in the game. The virus within her that was hurting her was also protecting her from getting plugged out or modified. King Candy coded an antivirus dome in a prison cell, and kept her inside it. (Code for the anti-virus was stolen from Surge Protector)

During Wreck-It Ralph

Panellope was kept in prison for most of the movie's storyline, and only got attacked by the cy-bugs, who died of touching the anti-virus dome due to them also being viruses. Panellope was shouting for help from the guards, but they all were escaping Sugar rush, leaving this prisoner behind. Once Vanellope restored the game, the dome disappeared, so she could escape the prison. When she arrived at the starting line, all she saw was The racers cheering for a weirdly dressed familiar face. Vanellope's glitch costume was something new for her, that was slightly based on her look, but she didn't mind it. She always looked up to vanellope as a sibling-figure, due to them being not quite related, only sharing code parts. Panellope

Between the two movies

6 years of Racing and having fun, Panellope now has a better relationship with the other racers. Her only enemy is Taffyta, who really doesn't like her due to being a glitching coding error, and heavily thinks that she will be the reason for the game's death. She still is forbidden to race, so she was wandering Sugar rush alone during daytime and nights Vanellope was having fun with Ralph, which was almost all the time. She felt rejected and alone, so she decided to escape to a place she can be herself and do what she loves. And thus, Panellope's Kingdom was founded.She spent most of her time upgrading and developing the place when she and her fans were having fun racing, playing games, or just hanging out. this place was a secret, until vanellope found out about it in Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wrecked Journey.

During Ralph Breaks The Internet/Wrecked Journey

Read the comic! Coming soon!

After Ralph Breaks The Internet/Wrecked Journey

Since Vanellope stayed on the Internet in Slaughter race, and Panellope and the other racers came back to Sugar Rush, Panellope take on the rule on the kingdom as a president, since Vanellope appointed her majestically a ruler.. Panellope accepted, as she didn't want to disappoint the former ruler. After they got back, They activated the Virus decoder in the Coding Room, and also added an unpublished Bonus Racetrack pack that Panellope and Ambrosia purchased on the Internet, so the game gained six new exciting candy-themed racetracks to complain about!

Panellope no longer lives in the castle of Sugar Rush. After they got back home, and the racers thanked Felix and Calhoun for their help, they moved back to Sugar Rush. But Panellope felt a little alone now, that her only trustworthy sister-figure wasn't around. Feeling hurt and left. She didn't feel comfortable being in the castle, as she felt it was too big of a footprint to fill. Felix and Calhoun decided to adopt her and give her all their love by making her a part of their family. She loves them so much, and lives in the apartment. When it's Opening time, Felix always takes her to work and waits for her after shift. She spends her days in the castle, but for the night, she returns home to her family. On Saturday, she spends time in her Castle, to host Events, and moves back to Fix-It Felix jr. on Monday.

After 2-3 years, Vanellope eventually returns to Sugar Rush. While Slaughter Race was fun and exciting, she started to feel unfit. With every update, the developers removed her code which Shank had to redo, since she was not intended to be in the game. She got homesick, and lovely memories made her decide to go back to her homeland.

Her arrival shocked the racers, as they felt betrayed after she left. They welcomed her dismissively and with mixed opinions whether she could join back. Some of them were wary about allowing back a traitor, while a few were willing to forgive for her actions on going Turbo. Panellope as the responsible for decision making hesitated for long as her personal banter of the case made it difficult for her. She felt angry at her, but also sad and relieved she came back. The case of Vanellope's return was put to the vote, which she eventually won, but with stipulations. Since her absence could have even posed a danger as she had broken the law, she was deprived of her throne and all chances of regaining her royal title, evicted from the castle. Vanellope moved into Ralph's apartment.

It took her a long time to regain the confidence of the racers, but maybe more before Panellope forgave her. She was banned from social occasions as a punishment for a few weeks, which thanks to, she learned her mistake’s weight.

Vanellope when entering the finish line for the first time gained a Neon Racer look with her kart too.

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush racers

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Taffyta is what you might describe as sour but sweet. She has a strong personality with a competitive attitude which often leads to ending up being selfish or envious in situations, depending whether she wins, or loses. She can be cruel and bossy, but even when keeping her head up, she can hint her caring side towards her closer allies, like Candlehead. She's a leader type, often having a plan on every situation when needed, and would snap in action to do the dirty part. Taffyta can be stubborn, and it's hard to change her opinion, but It's worth trying.

Kart: Pink Lightning

Theme: Strawberry Lollipop

Power up: Taffiethunder (Places back or forward a taffy which works as an electric mine.)

Main track: Sweet Ride

Catchphrase: "Stay Sweet!"

Minty Sakura

Sakura is a very mature and considered person. She is open to the world, to its interpretation, and sees in every human being the capacity for development, no matter how good or bad one is. She is the one to whom everyone turns for advice, as she is very objective about everything, so she can remain an independent party in any debate. It helps to keep her personality in tune with Sugary tea drinking and meditation rituals so that she can give the most perfect performance on the race track. She's quiet, but a good company to spend time with.  She has a slight japanese accent.

Kart: Chew-roletti

Theme: Mochi, Dango, Pocky

Power-up: Dango-danger (A wide piece pocky comes out of the front of the kart, firing three dango balls, which sticks to the opponent and slows them.)

Main track: Sweet ride

Catchphrase: "Sugoi-Rush!"

Minty Zaki

Minty is an honest and outspoken soul who is not afraid to say her opinion on anything. Energetic and swirling, she can never sit still for long. Her speed and attentiveness on the track are excellent, there is no race she would not win. With Minty's ingenuity, she can find a solution to every little problem, even if that mode isn’t exactly the fair one. Minty is a friendly person, but she doesn’t often form close relationships, as she’s not the type to easily talk or show her feelings, just to those she really trusts.

Kart: Veloci-Wrapper

Theme: Mint Candy, Peppermint

Power-up: Sprinkle Wringler (A huge amount of green and yellow sprinkles come out of the back of her kart covering the road behind her, which makes the racers behind her spin if they drive on them.)

Main track: Sweet ride

Catchphrase: "Let's zip it!"

Jubileena Bing-Bing

If you’re a little sad, Jubileena is the racer who can always cheer you up. For her, life is not just about winning, it’s about the experience and being able to share that with everyone. She is an extremely optimistic and lively personality who is a sea of ​​emotions, as she's not afraid to show her joy, sadness, or fear either. She makes friends easily and can mingle with almost anyone, even if she talks quickly in the meantime. She's overdosing on energy. She's one of the best racers, but she's keeping a low profile, as she prefers to support her friends than to keep herself in the spotlight.

Kart: Cherriot

Theme: Cherries

Power-up: Cherry Bomb (She drops explosive cherries behind her, or throws them forward. Maximum three.)

Main track: Sweet ride

Catchphrase: "Easy Piesy!"

Swizzle Malarkey

Swizzle is a fairly sophisticated and wild racer. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice, but The Swizz stores up on the field, not caring who he pushes from there. Under the elegant icing, Swizzle is a real troublemaker. He is fast on the track and has excellent control, making him the best leader on a team, despite his somewhat egoistic remarks. He loves to be sarcastic, but in doing so, he only expresses his love for his friends. He is extremely stubborn and does not like to have to admit his mistakes due to his perfectionism.

Kart: Tongue-Twister

Theme: Unicorn Pops, Skittles

Power-up: LolliPOP (Similar rolled up rainbow colored candy like his wheels are shot in front of him, knocking out the hit racer.)

Main track: Sweet ride

Catchphrase: "The Swizz hits!"

Citrusella Flugpucker

Citrusella is a cool and tough girl who isn’t afraid to smuggle a little party into work. For her, every minute of life is something that can be celebrated. There is always some time for a snack as she's a real glutton! On the racetrack, Citrusella is not afraid to bring style to victory, she always tries to slide in well while bringing something unique into the race. This unusual and cheerful girl fills Sugar Rush with the spirit of careless fun.

Kart: Berrietly

Theme: Blueberry Desserts, Blueberry Pancakes

Power-up: Pluckfume (Explosive gas blueberries that blow up with blueish purple smokes, making it hard to see the road.)

Main track: Sweet ride

Catchphrase: "Citristic!"

Crumbelina Di Caramello

Her noble nobility does not deter Crumbelina from crushing anyone on the field to dust. Despite the narcissistic exterior icing, she always helps those she trusts, spicing up their everyday lives with a little elegance. Crumbelina is one of the most famous racers and she doesn’t hide this information from anyone. But there is a limit to everything, and she knows exactly that. As much as she loves glory, she pays so much attention that she does not hurt anyone else with it.

Kart: Tira-Missile

Theme: Tiramisu, Cannoli, Coffee

Power-up: Meltslide (She spreads the road behind her with sticky caramel. Once you drive on it you'll be forever stuck there.)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "There's no race I Can-noli win!!"


As silly as fun, Candlehead is the bubbly innocent soul of Sugar Rush. She can be described to be Ditzy and super clumsy, but once on the track, she doesn't hesitate to riot! She looks up to everyone around her, and often mimics their gestures, so she can get a closer bond to them. However, this dorky nature often deceives her into unpleasant or bad situations as well, as she is terribly naive and does whatever she is asked to do, even bad ... Of course she doesn’t always notice that. Her happiness spreads through Sugar Rush, and her funny personality always makes everyone light up their mood.

Kart: Ice Screamer

Theme: Cake

Power-up: Skimskip (The kart expands with a Whipped Cream weapon that covers either the racer behind or front . It blinds their visions.)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "I'm on fire!"

Torvald Batterbutter

Torvald is a real wild and strong tomboy who is not afraid to be crushed on the field as she does it first. While this gilded elegant exterior is just a pretence, Torvald isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and pranks everyone with the boys rather than take part in tea parties or common girly things. Her confidence is up in the heavens, so it's rare to break her opinions as she has a striking comeback to every little disagreement she has. Sometimes her manners can be quite salty, but she is a friendly character nonetheless, though in addition to kindness, her sass and roughness have to be endured, that’s the real challenge!

Kart: Range-rocher

Theme: Butterscotch, Caramel

Power-up: Sticky Scotch (The kart wheels gets covered with Butterscotch sauce that allows her to stay on road, or drive on walls. Useful on slippery tracks.)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "Scotch and roll, Sundae!"

Gloyd Orangeboar

Gloyd is Sugar Rush's lively prankster, an unstoppable energy bomb. His unpredictable character is always there to make everyone laugh, except, of course, those who fall victim to his tricks. Gloyd’s tough appearance masks a friendly and kind character, but he always covers it up with humor as he doesn’t like to open up to others. A real devil on the field, the rules don’t stop him from knocking his opponents off the track, or playing unfair. He's also a strong glutton, specialised in candy, as there's nothing he wouldn't taste and try... Or host a food fight with it.

Kart: Kernel

Theme: Candy corn, Mellowcreme Pumpkins

Power-up: Fang-tasy (Summons a candy fang gummy that bites a random opponents' kart and slows them.)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "Trick or treat, Ghos-boo!"

Rancis Fluggerbutter

Rancis is a sophisticated and extremely precise racer. He’s a little arrogant, but it only comes from his overconfidence, as he always considers his appearance important, as a champion must always look perfect. This selfishness and perfectionism is just a shield tho, under this shell, he's just afraid of losing, and that his friends won't like him after that. Sometimes, he needs a pep talk with his closer allies like Vanellope to stop the act he's doing, but he really is just nervous. He wants to look brave and unbreakable. He is determined to always get what he wants and would do anything to get it. On the track, he’s not afraid to choose a harder method to win because he doesn’t like to lose and be seen as broken.

Kart: Kit-Kart

Theme: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Kisses, Kit-Kat

Power-up: Cupid (Summons three Reese's cups that knocks down opponents. It can bounce back and forth from the sidewalls, so it goes on forever.)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "Butter up!"

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope - past royalty - due to being an outcast for years, developed a sharky, sassy attitude towards others, always stepping up for herself in situations she got let down. Living in hiding made her sharp, crafty, and very mischievous as she always tried to sneak and participate in a race. She's determined and wild, meaning she would do anything in order to achieve her goals, and can manipulate everyone easily to assist her. She's fun-loving, forgiving, and a positive person beneath this hard jawbreaker exterior, and cares about the sake of her home and friends. Or treat them with her nasty and dark humor, pranking them and just having fun.

Kart: Crumbling Cruiser

Theme: Vanilla, Chocolate

Power-up: Glitch (teleportation)

Main track: Cakeway

Catchphrase: "Wreckin' win-it like Glitches!"

Adorabeezle Winterpop

Despite Adorabeezle’s coolness, she’s a really nice person full of mysteries. Because of her endless curiosity, she often gets into trouble, from which she finds it difficult to get out of, and tends to drag others into it instead. She is determined to find and unravel all the hidden trajectories, shortcuts, and bonus elements of Sugar Rush. She loves to experiment and introduce new stunts not only to her friends but also to the players. She's a player's favourite character, and she loves to help her friends get better by teaching them her secrets.

Kart: Ice Rocket

Theme: Ice-cream, Popsicle

Power-up: Á La Mode (Ice-cream Cannon that shoots ice-cream on opponents, knocking them out.)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "Cold as ice, but melts your heart!"

Sticky Wipplesnit

Sticky Sugar Rush's most innocent soul. There is no conflict with her infinite kindness that she couldn't put an end to. She’s mostly quiet, doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and is a pretty shy type who rarely mutters with her positive thoughts. A lone wolf, she doesn’t have many friends, but she likes everyone around her, thanks to her naivety. Unfortunately, she often falls victim to bullying or controversy because of this. Sticky is not pushing forward on the track to win, for her the excitement and joy of racing is her true passion that she can fulfill on board. She feels free on the field, which she often can’t achieve when she’s not racing.

Kart: Coupez

Theme: Cotton Candy, Mentos, Pez

Power-up: Mentoseor (She summons a huge mentos that falls behind her, like a meteor destroying the track. Racers behind her find it difficult to get through it, often getting eliminated.)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "Dreams taste like cotton candy!"

Snowanna Rainbeau

Snowanna is the coolest racer in the whole candy coated world of Sugar Rush. For her, fashion is not a challenge, as she is always in style to beat anyone on the field. She has an extremely loud, colorful personality, just as much as her outfit and attitude. Snowanna is not afraid to take on her whims and quirks, she always gives herself in every situation and loves to help others to find themselves. Snowanna is an extremely reliable personality, a good secret keeper, and stands up for others. A leading personality, she always acts logically, but the insanity of the party often forgets this with her, for she lives for the moment.

Kart: Fro Cone

Theme: Ice-cream, Sorbet, Snow Cones

Power-up: Sorbomb (Different coloured sorbets are shot in front or back, freezing the opponent hit for a few seconds.)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "There isn't a show without Snow!"

Nougetsia Brumblestain

Nougetsia is a hot-headed and very warlike personality, able to stand up for anyone, even if she doesn't know them well. She fights very hard for the truth and will not let go of anyone being unjust. She hates being lied to and has a hard time keeping a secret. Nougetsia is very loyal to her friends, loves to chat, and has a bit of a spicy comment on almost everything. She doesn't cut corners on the track and fires her opponents with difficulties along their way, as for her, rivalry and its traditions are unbreakable, since that's the fun part of racing.

Kart: DriftShaker

Theme: Yoghurt, Milkshake, Cones

Power-up: Nutmeg (Her kart spreads nutmeg and cinnamon spice, that can cause blindness and spice up the race behind her. It's a good distraction)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "I'm going nuts to win!"

Ambrosia Mentollica

As the newest member of Sugar Rush, it is very difficult for Ambrosia to adapt to its environment. While racing is her dream, which she does with every effort, Sugar Rush offers her many new things that she fears a little. Change scares her. She’s not a friendly type, she prefers to spend her time alone, but if she’s treated kindly and inclusive, she’s willing to open up. She also experienced this with a couple of racers, including Jubileena, Crumbelina and Candlehead, who greeted her with open arms. Having anger issues, she doesn’t like to lose or be left out of the task, so she is often offended and feels lost if she has a bad day. Fortunately, her friends are always there to help her.

Kart: Frosty Dasher

Theme: Mentol, Ice-cream sandwich, Icing

Power-up: Punkpuff (Her wheels grow a set of spikes which can destroy karts, environment, or the road if it's hit.)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "Rockin' Roll!"

Panellope Vingersnaps

As the new leader of the game, Panellope takes her job as a racer and ruler quite seriously. True, the rules do not prevent her from deviating from the road or creating shortcuts during a race going past the speed limit. She also may cheat if she's hit by injustice or treason. Anxious type, Panellope doesn’t like crowds, events, or any kind of social programs, as she is perfectly fine with her close friends being Crumbelina and Sticky, with whom they spend their days together. She has a hard time trusting others, so it takes her a long time to form any kind of bond, but as she did, she’s inseparable from her friends. She's ambitious and cunning, as she'd do anything to achieve her goal and make her dreams come true with her sharp problem-solving skills and logic.

Kart: Dough-Kart

Theme: Bubblegums and Cookies

Power-up: Rainbow Blast (Multi coloured sparkles are shot from her wheels that boosts her with a huge speed.)

Main track: Frosty Rally

Catchphrase: "Let the Infection begin!"

Helmets and flags*

Disclaimer: Not all racers will have a new flag.


New tracks

With the new pack, the gamers can now race on eight more sweet racetracks! Six all-new original tracks and two assembled racetrack with brand new obstacles and fun!

Single tracks

Cakeway - Party Pop Tour - Choco Turf - Tuberular Blaze (Shown in movie)

Frosty Rally - Soft Serve Speedway - Off-Cream derby - Rainbow Road (Shown in movie)

Sweet Ride - Lollipop plains - Sugardust Hollow - Gumball Gorge (Shown in movie)

Gastronaut - Milky Way - Cosmic Lake - Orbit Valley

Crunchy Canyon - Caramel Falls - Goldnut Mines - Railway Ride

Candy Lightstreet - Sourbelt Bridge - Doughtown - Sugoi-Circuit

Ginger Wonderland - Gingerbread Town - Candy Cane Jungle - Peppermint Mountains

Hallo-Cream - Mellowcoaster - Haunted Mansion - Licorice Swamp

Beach Betty - Rocky Promenade - Snack Raft - Riviera Du Macaron


Royal Flush - Sweet Ride - Cakeway - Frosty Rally

Foreign Kraker - Candy Lightstreet - Crunchy Canyon - Gastronaut

Holiday Specialities - Ginger Wonderland - Hallo-Cream - Beach Betty

DISCLAIMER: These tracks and names are under copyright. Not allowed to use in any way without Permission NOTE: Assembled tracks vary from their single representatives. They're longer, and have unique obstacles and places to race through.

Crunchy Canyon

Enjoy the salty and crumbly Road 66 inspired fields of Sugar Rush, with this new racetrack! In this track, you can race around terrain-themed racetracks, old and abandoned Chocolate mines, nougat geysers and even more interesting areas! The track is similar to an off-road derby, meaning the track splits in many ways and assembles at the end. But Beware! If you hit any object in the track, the Crunchy obstacles can break, and fall down! Not a good idea if you're driving on a railway in the sky, but it is a good option to eliminate opponents and give them Less chances to win!

Candy Lightstreet

The racetrack, that was made out of glowing cotton candies, and gums! The night gumball city in Sugar Rush. Enjoy this neon themed race in the dark, inspired by night-time tokyo city races, with the new Glowing neon design of the racers including glowing patterns on them and their karts with face-paintings!

Neon Racers


For Sugar Rush, racing has no limits. Gastronaut gives a not earthly experience in this adventure by taking them to this space-themed racetrack. Race through floating Donuts, space themed candies on ramps and high-jumping obstacles with sugar dust flying in the air from exploding craters.

Ginger Wonderland

Merry Christmas, racers! Sugar Rush is here with a Christmas themed racetrack, since everyone thinks about sweets and desserts whenever they hear the word christmas. We packed a lot of great surprises for racers on this track, including Gingerbread town,  Candy Cane jungle, and more gifts to give off!


Trick or Treat! The spooky aesthetic of Halloween has hit Sugar Rush, and Gloyd is planning an extreme party! Hop into your karts and prepare for an extreme scream-over! Do you have the guts to enter the scary and foggy chocolate swamp? Or what about a haunted house? We packed everything!

Beach Betty

Get those sun creams and swimbelts ready for a big splash! Sugar Rush is getting a beach episode, and the racers can't wait to get in the water! I mean frosting... Ready for a race in the sugary coast? But do not worry... on tiring days, the beach is the best for relaxing.



Game Central Night: On every Friday, It's Game Central Night held among the arcade friends, visiting someone's game who hosts a small party where they rest and spend their time together. Panellope often hosts smaller races in Panellope's Kingdom, where other members of GCS can try themselves at go-karting in an unofficial race. After a night full of fun, she later joins Ralph when he's ending the call with Vanellope, for a few last minutes to chat with her.

Beach Day: On Sundays during Summer, the citizens of Sugar Rush spend their day at the beach. They swim, eat ice creams and popsicles, go cruising on the sea and enjoy Bubblegum volleyball meanwhile Duncan and Wynnchel, the two lifeguards patrol the coast to protect everyone.

Christmas Day: Since the arcade is closed on Christmas, the racers invite folks from GCS, and host a party at the Gingerbread Town in Ginger Wonderland. Candy feast, party, karaoke and snowball fight are on the program list, with Ice Cream Man building competition and gifting. They pull names from a hat, so everyone has to give one person something personal and handmade.

Switcherooster: Every Sunday, while the racers are preparing for the roster for Monday, they spice up the occasion with a twist: Switching karts! They pull names from a wrapper bag, change their vehicles during racing and enjoy some wild ride. Panellope and Torvald are exceptions in this event, due to them being left-handed.

Random Trivia

  • Sugar Rush's night cycle differs from the real-life one. For them, since Rosters start after closing time at night, the sun stays up longer and full darkness comes from 2am to 6am.
  • On Sundays and Holidays, the arcade is closed. (Normally from Monday to Saturday it's open from 8am to 12 am. Minors are not allowed after 10pm) ers Rosters usually set between 1am and 2am, and preparations for the daily races begin at 7am. by 7am, every racers needs to be in Sugar Rush for the morning announcement.
  • After Vanellope left, Panellope was set to be the ruler of the game. She only reprises this role to host announcements and speeches. Democracy is the key in her reign, as she doesn't like to think as a ruler about herself.
  • Torvald Batterbutter and Panellope Vingersnaps are the only left handed racers of all. Meaning, they use their left hands to switch the joystick, and race with a right-hand driven kart. It also means, they are not able to drive perfectly other karts (vice versa), so during switcheroo events, they always switch with each other. This not just made their bond stronger, but they're also making a competition each round for it.
  • I was thinking of Vanellope's "going turbo" topic for a while, and why she behaved so out of character in the sequel. I came up with a headcanon that can explain the movie's actions, and fix the problem: Vanellope suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ever since her crash at Sugar Rush caused it to get unplugged, making it seem like her game and everything she had responsibility for was gone. Her people were homeless, they had nowhere to stay at first and only caused troubles. She was afraid to race and lost all hope and passion in life to ever do something. Ralph noticed it too, and so he found a way to fix it all. Vanellope's hope was restored and she was willing to step into something new to shake off stress and fear. Thinking of Sugar Rush made her anxious and stressed. She was surely afraid of racing cause she kept believing if she ever does, it'll cause another disaster and will make thousands of people suffer. When entering Slaughter Race, she was fascinated by the game, the look, the feel, but still was nervous of racing, and did it as a must do. But in the meantime, she remembered why she loved driving so much and forgot about everything. Jsut enjoyed it. But soon after they started raising money with videos, her fear came back. She was afraid to go back because she might cause another disaster. Or what if they never make it there? While talking to the princesses, she quickly realised her fear is the memory of the event, not racing itself, so she tried isolating herself from Ralph and everything that reminded her of her home, to take a break. She needed some rest and a mind off. But her guilt of leaving Ralph ghosted her, and caused the events of the movie. In the end, Vanellope only decided to stay at Slaughter Race to start with a blank page. Make up for her mistakes with helping out, which hurt Ralph's and Panellope's feelings who felt betrayed and sad. Vanellope didn't feel safe in Sugar Rush anymore, and made bad decisions to try to solve the problem. It took her years to realise that the only way she can get rid of her ptsd and anxiety, still going on after living in Slaughter Race, is facing her fear. Her homesickness was kicking, and she decided to return home.
  • Vanellope returned to Sugar Rush in early 2021.