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Queen Confectionary is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. She is the ruler of game. Her signature kart is the SR2.

Official Bio

"A Caring Mother”

‘Queen Confectionary is a kind ruler who cares about all of the racers. She loves all of them like her children, and would never harm them on the track, except for when the player is in control. Despite her older appearance, she still has enough energy to zoom on the track.


Queen Confectionary has fair-apricot skin, light blonde hair, turquoise eyes, and light-mahogany cheeks. She wears a cake pop-like hat with her crown on top. Her outfit consists of a cream racing jacket with brown and pink gloves and a 2 layered cupcake skirt. Her tights are brown with light brown stripes and shoes with candy on top. When racing, she wears a helmet exactly like her hat and cream goggles with pink lenses.



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