Sugar Rush is the arcade game that Ralph unwillingly enters while flying an out of control space ship from Hero's Duty. It is a kart racing game set on tracks made of candies and cookies, and it is where Ralph encounters the "glitch" Vanellope von Schweetz.


  • The world of Sugar Rush is also seen in Sugar Rush Animated Series, Wreck-It Ralph, and Wreck-It Ralph 2.
  • The original name for Sugar Rush during production was "Candy Hollow". 
  • The game was new to the arcade (plugged in) in 1997.
  • The Sugar Rush Speedway machine is a twin cabinet, allowing 2 players to sit down and race, in the same vein as Outrun or Cruisin' USA
  • In the 1st movie, only one race track is ever shown.
  • The lighting team's job of rendering the candy to look realistic and delicious was one of the most difficult jobs in the entire movie. They had to make candy models of everything, including Ralph's plane crash into the icing,  before they could animate it. 
  • Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove was one of the main people responsible for the candy world of Sugar Rush; much of the inspiration for its design came from her trip to Barcelona and seeing the archictecture of Antoni Gaudí.
  • The world of Sugar Rush is based on Japanese candy because animators wanted to create a different type of candy land than people would normally expect.
  • The game's title is also the title for the Japanese language version of the film, a song by AKB48 that appears in the film's closing credits, and the name of browser-based game on the Disney website.
  • Sugar Rush is the location featured most prominently throughout the film and the franchise.
  • The world also received other names:
    • Mistrz Cukiernicy-Master Confectioners (Polish)
    • Corrida Doce-Sweet race (Portuguese)
    • Сладкий форсаж-Sweet Afterburner (Russian)
    • ЦукроШал-Sugar Fury (Ukranian)
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