Sugar Rush Speedway 2 is the sequel arcade game to the original Sugar Rush. It was plugged in at Litwak’s Arcade a few months after Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Official Game Description

Sugar Rush is back at it again! This time with a whole new game and a whole new cast of characters! Race your way over 5 candy-coated tracks with 11 brand-new racers and see if you can handle the rush!


Candy Hollow Speedway (Very Easy)

Sweet Ride (Easy)

Cakeway (Medium)

Frosty Rally (Hard)

Sugar Rush (Extreme)

Playable Characters

Queen Confectionary

Neapolita Creamwich

Harrie Bo

Sundae Lil’ Cone

Watermel Sugarseed

Velveta Von Rose

Oreon Cookiecream

Graham Mc Chocomallow

Jawbran De Polkadot

Flossity Sugarpuff

Tootsie “Toots” Roll


Each kart that comes with the racers are brand new and unique.


Each racer has their own grandstand with candy citizens cheering them on.


Like the previous game, Sugar Rush Speedway 2 allows you to choose your racer. Also like the previous game, there are 9 characters on the roster, however, the racer’s stats are shown alongside. Racers with the best speed have higher chances of winning. Racers with the best handling have better turning/drifting and racers with the best sweetness gets better power-ups (such as sweet seekers and character power-ups).


Within the game are sugar cubes (like the item blocks in Mario Kart) that give the player one of 6 items:

Sticky Slick- slows down anyone who drives in it.

Syrup Puddle- throws off a racer‘s steering.

Sugar Rush- gives the racer a speed boost.

Sweet Seekers- hits the racer in front or behind you.

Cherry Bomb- places a cherry bomb on the track and stalls any racer that hits it.

Power-Up- gives the racer an extra power-up.

Character Power-ups

Each racer has their own special power-up:

Confectionary Cumber- Queen C. leaves behind small bits of candy that slow down the racer.

Gummy Bear-rocks- Harrie spawns giant gummy bears on the track, which can stop a racer if ran into.

Oh Nuts!- Sundae releases bits of nuts which slows down a racer behind her.

Seed Spitter- Watermel fires watermelon seeds at racers in front or behind him, slowing them down.

Frosting Frolic- Velveta releases a trail of cupcake frosting, which slows down a racer behind her.

Scoops Away!- Neapolita launches 3 medium sized scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream in front or behind her, blinding a racer’s view.

Chocolate Catastrophe- Graham releases chocolate syrup, which blinding a racer’s vision behind him.

Cookie Celerity- Oreon gains a speed boost, putting him ahead of 2 racers.

Cotton Cover-Up- Flossity covers every racer's view with cotton candy.

Toot-Toot!- Tootsie gains a speed boost, putting her ahead of 1 racer.

Ball Buster- Jawbran sends a giant jawbreaker rolling ahead or behind him, causing a racer to crash.


  • Some of the racers are based off of concept art of the original racers.
  • Not counting Queen C, half of the racers are boys, half of them are girls.
  • All the racer’s stats when selected are the same stats of the original racers from the online adaptation, Sugar Rush Speedway.
  • Designing the game and characters took around 3 years, starting in 2018 when the trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet dropped.
  • Some unused themes for the racers include: Soda, Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Cosmic brownies, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and Cinnamon Rolls.
  • The track "Candy Hollow Speedway" is based off of this concept art:
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