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Tootsie Roll is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. Her theme is Tootsie Roll candy. Her signature kart is the Tooter-Toter.

Official Bio

"Don't Ever Call Me...Toots"

Tootsie Roll's nice. She's easy to make friends with. She's fun and adorable. But whatever you do, don't call her "Toots". She doesn't like to be called a typical girly-girl.


Tootsie Roll is a young girl with light-brown skin, gray eyes, brown, bouncy curls with a white candy wrapper in her hair, light-red cheeks, and a Tootsie Pop in her mouth. She wears a white racing jacket, a brown shirt with red and white stripes, and a plain white skirt. Her tights are brown with light brown circles and black flat shoes. When racing, she wears a red, brown, and white helmet with her candy wrapper bow and light-brown visor.


  • Her fans are anthropomorphic Tootsie Rolls.
  • Her hair is inspired off of Darla Dimple, from Cats Don't Dance.
  • She is the only racer to wear flat shoes.
  • She shares her stats with Minty Zaki (from the online adaptation).


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