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Watermel Sugarseed is one of the 11 racers in the game Sugar Rush Speedway 2. His central theme is watermelon confectionary. His signature kart is the Melon Missile.

Official Bio

”Mr. Sassy Pants”

Watermel Sugarseed is the “Mr. Sassy Pants” of the racers. He is at odds with Harrie Bo as he is his main competition on the track.


Watermel Sugarseed is a young boy with apricot skin, green eyes, rosy cheeks, and orange-light brown hair. He wears a green jacket with a watermelon cap. He also wears a light-red shirt with seeds on it, green tights, and red boots with watermelon candy rings surrounding it. When racing, he wears a sugared watermelon helmet with a salmon visor.



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