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Welcome to Wreck-It Ralph Fanon wiki, the biggest community and collection of fanon content based on the 2012 Disney animated feature there is. Within our wiki you will be able to find all kinds of fan made content; from characters to fanfictions, games to TV series; and the very best part is that you also get to create your own content. Before editing, make sure to check out the wiki's Rules. If you need any help, you can contact one of the wiki's administrators.


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Helping Hand
The Wreck-It Ralph Fanon is always looking for help. If you visit the Fanon, please contribute. There are many ways of helping; you can create your own characters, games, fan-fictions and any other kind of media, as long as it is related to WIR. If you are not really into creating fanon stuff, you can always help out others by fixing grammar and adding pictures to pages. Here is an easy way to get started with creating your very own fanon stuff.